Thursday, February 10, 2011

Volturyon- Coordinated Mutilation

Volturyon is death metal band from Sweden formerly known as Contortion. The band features members that have been in their fair share of metal bands in the past, most notable is the Netzell, the current drummer from the highly praised In Mourning. Here we have ten tracks of some of the tightest played death metal around. Considering the band has been on stage with Carcass they have to be doing something right, and upon listening to Coordinated Mutilation it seems like they're doing just about everything right. If all modern death metal was up to par with this it would be ideal.

These guys pump out some very aggressive death metal with such a large amount of energy that it is hard to not pay attention. Many bands that feature a more technical sound have a difficult time keeping things interesting for an entire album. This isn't a problem for Volturyon, the album could be twice as long and it still wouldn't drag at all. Ekman bounces around vocal styles enough to keep his performance fresh. He uses growls and gutturals for the most part but on occasion he will belt out a powerful scream that sounds eerily like the legendary George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher.

The guitar playing is fairly diverse on the album. You have some technical moments, plenty of grooves, and some thrash influenced sections. The guitarwork on the album could be compared to that of brutal death juggernauts Flesh Consumed. It's hard not to headbang when the band falls into a groove The soloing on the album is proficient, whether it be the slow but effective solo on "Coordinated Mutilation" or the blazing one featured on "Abide Under Eminence" Volturyon is always right on their mark.

The drumming on Coordinated Mutilation is extremely well done. There are many tempo changes to keep the listener on their toes. His playing style is savage and meshes incredibly well with the rest of Volturyon's barbaric assault. Netzell shows some serious endurance on this release and gives a very consistent performance that never gets the least bit tedious.

Overall this release should appeal to just about every death metal fan. It has plenty of complex moments to keep tech death fans happy, just enough groove to keep the brutal death fans happy and it's just too entertaining for the traditional death metal fans to ignore. Obviously this is highly recommended for everyone. The music is just as vile as the cover art.

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  1. For anyone who is curious about this release I just wanted to note that it comes out 2/25/11 on United Guttural.