Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Laceration- Realms of the Unconscious Demo

Here we have a three track demo from death/thrash giants Laceration. The band formed in 2006 and still remains unsigned after releasing three demos. Fans of Demolition Hammer and brutal thrash bands alike shouldn't think twice before picking up this skull cracking demo.

Realms of the Unconscious is one of those demos that just hits you hard upon first listen. Being someone who digs through demos constantly to find the best hidden gems out there it really is a breath of fresh air to stumble upon something like this. Laceration is out to crush your face, rape your women, and take no prisoners and laugh in your face as they do so. Armed with incredibly tight playing and speed that melts your face on contact it is impossible to become bored while listening because during the sixteen minute playtime you're too busy being beaten senseless.

The vocal performance brought forth is one of true intensity and with a powerful instrumental section backing Cazares he delivers his wails with a high level of confidence and disgust.Just because Laceration flies by at death defying speeds doesn't mean that the riffs are taken down a notch. "Self Deprivation" has one of the most infectious riffs featured on anything in 2010, and when you combine it with that thick bass playing well, let's just say it has the ability to reduce the listener to rubble.

As mentioned before the bass is audible throughout this entire demo. It gives that demo that deep, heap of heaviness sound. Even though for the majority of the demo the bass follows the guitar it's made up by the fact that the guitarwork slays so much it doesn't matter. Coupled with the powerful drumming Laceration comes out with all cylinders firing from the rhythm section of hell. For such a short release there are too many great moments to name, one of which being when the band comes out and blasts away after the solo on "Shadows of Existence".

Overall this demo destroys. It will cause your head to bang undoubtedly. It will remind you why you started searching around and bothering with demos in the first place. Each track clocks in at over five minutes. Moving along at speeds like this they managed to fit a lot of amazing moments into their fifteen minutes of fame. Let's hope a full-length release holds the same substance this demo has. If it's even close in terms of quality this band will reign supreme within the new wave of thrash. Fans of early Demolition Hammer, look no further, you've found the second coming.

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