Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dethroned Emperor- War Grind Hell

Coming from New Brunswick, NJ Dethroned Emperor is a two piece grindcore band with some death metal tendencies. They just formed last year and so far this is their second release. Both releases are on tape and put out with that DIY mentality. War Grind Hell features just under fifteen minutes of filthy downtuned grind that is sure to make those around you cringe in disgust. Being named after a great Celtic Frost track these guys don't exactly play the style of music one would expect, but they do what they do well.

In terms of instrumentals the band just features a guitarist and a drummer. Even without a bassist Dethroned Emperor still manages to get a heavy, beefy sound. The guitarwork featured here is very lofi but for the most part the riffs are fairly memorable. There isn't a solo to be found and the band wastes no time getting technical. There isn't much about this release that sets it apart from what has already been done before but when listening it is clear to see that Dethroned Emperor play their style well enough to earn replays.

Both members contribute vocals like savages. They bark, shriek, and scream into the microphone until your ears feel they can't take anymore. The only effect aside from distortion on this release is reverb on the vocals. It gives the performance that great old school vibe that definitely fits the nasty sound Dethroned Emperor churns out. The drumming featured is very aggressive and for the most part given in a speedy manner. On occasional they will fall into a heavy groove, when this happens it is quite catchy and enjoyable but aside from these moments these guys just go straight for your jugular and they don't let go until you are rendered lifeless.

War Grind Hell also features a Terrorizer cover (which when listening to this it is clear that the band was heavily influenced by these guys). The track they cover is "Condemned System" and they stay true to the original and do it justice in every way possible. Overall this is just an assault on the senses, dark grindcore/death metal. It's extremely raw in style and runs at the perfect length. It starts off with a bang, gets it's point across and then ends as abruptly as it started. Highly recommended for fans of old school grindcore and death metal.

Checkout the band's blogspot here
And look out for this on cassette very soon!

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