Saturday, February 19, 2011


Buried is a film that explores the idea of waking up in a coffin. The film brings claustrophobic horror to a new level and manages to keep you entertained even with it all taking place in one setting, a box. Imagine waking up only to hit your head when you try to sit up, you roll to one side only to be stopped by a wall. Submerged in darkness you reach around to try to find anything to create some sort of light. After shining light on the situation you discover you are in a box and naturally have a panic attack of sorts. This is the situation Paul Conroy finds himself in and with his wife and child back at home he'd do anything to get out. After waking from his slumber he begins to recall the events that had happened before awaking. Paul is a truck driver for a company based in the United States working in Iraq. There was an explosion that had taken out some of the men in his convoy and shortly after men wielding guns came out and killed most of the others, but for some reason Paul lived and was submerged in the sand to endure the psychological torture that we sure ensue.

Soon Paul comes to relise that in the box with him is a cellphone along with a few other things. Right when the film seems to be losing your attention the phone comes in to save the day and make the situation even more intense than it was initially. He speaks with his captors and they want a hefty five million dollars before they will release him. Paul contacts everyone he can think of, the police, FBI, his family, and even the company he works for but all of them turn out to be very little help. Soon he receives a call from someone who directs him towards a man that specializes in these sort of situations. The man gives Paul the hope he needs to continue on in his current state but he still has his doubts about whether he will get out or not and it seems everyone he speaks to is trying to keep his mouth shut in order to save their own reputation.

There are many gut-wrenching and stomach churning moments spread throughout this suspense filled movie. A highlight would be when Paul decides to contact his mother at the nursing home. It's hard to watch as Conroy fights to stop himself from having a mental meltdown while talking to his mother who has fallen victim to alzheimer's. He tries to explain how the phonecall would be his last time speaking to her but she can't comprehend anything he is saying. It is exhausting watching the struggle one man has to find his way out and to receive the help he needs. Every moment of this film is intense and keeps the watcher on the edge of their seat.

Ryan Reynolds gives an outstanding performance in Buried. He makes the movie extremely believable and real while watching. This really shows he has the skill to take more of these dramatic roles because he single handedly makes this film work. There are scenes of pain, despair, and regret as we slowly see Ryan Reynold's character fall into an endless stream of hopelessness. In the end all all the audience wants to see is Paul getting home safely with his family.

Buried is a tour de force of psychological terror. It is a horrifying descent into depression and really makes the viewer think "what would I do?" in the situation Paul finds himself in. It isn't often that a movie with one character, in one setting works or is even attempted but Ryan Reynolds pulls it off. This film is highly recommended to everyone who enjoys things that are good, plain and simple. Everyone should see Buried at least once, it is an experience that is definitely worth having.

Overall: 9.5/10

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