Friday, February 11, 2011

Axeman Triumph- I Am The Ruler/Darkness Child/Barbarian's Death

Here we have three demos from the  heavy metal band Axeman Triumph. The band formed in 2008, the three demos being reviewed are I Am The Ruler (2008), Darkness Child (2009), and Barbarian's Death (2010). Typically we would give these all separate reviews but the combined playtime of all the demos is just over thirty minutes, and in the end they all play well as one. All the tracks display the balls-out, filthy heavy metal that Axeman Triumph abuses the listener with.

First thing that needs to be made known about these demos is the fact that the production is very low quality, if you are not a fan of older death metal demos then you most likely won't be able to handle this either. The vocals consist of frontman Myth's foul howl which is delivered with loads of energy and in a very barbaric manner. Due to the production most of the lyrics aren't very easy to make out. Beneath all the fuzz given from the shoddy sound quality are some killer riffs. The lofi sound the band puts out could be compared to Fag Cop, while the actual music the band churns out at times is reminiscent of GG Allin mixed with a dab of Motorhead and a little Venom thrown in for good measure.

Overall I can only recommend this to those that feel they can handle the low production quality that these demos feature. Sadly many people will write this off immediately when they hear the first note. Those who can handle it are in for a treat though. Are these demos amazing? No, but they are a damn good display of heavy metal with balls of steel. It's really quite hard to explain what makes these tracks entertaining, maybe it is the fun, ruthless style that does it but for the people who can get past the production it is hard to deny that this band has a certain charm in their sound.

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