Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puteraeon- The Esoteric Order

Puteraeon is an old school death metal band from Sweden. The band formed in 2008 and have since released three well received demos and most recently their debut full-length. Armed with that filthy old school sound and riffs that demolish anything that dares step in their way Puteraeon manages to create a fun but crushing flashback to the death metal scene of the early 90's. This release is sure to have the legions of death metal fans banging their heads in a violent rage and when played in the graveyard will, in fact make the dead walk the earth.

The Esoteric Order features a guitar tone that packs a punch not much unlike Tyson back in his prime. The band writes some very memorable riffs throughout the album and when blended with the punishing guitar tone the end result is nothing short of deadly. Looking at the long list of previous bands the members of Puteraeon have taken part in it isn't at all surprising that the band pumped out a debut of such quality.

The lyrical themes are mainly based on HP Lovecraft's tales of terror. No lyrical themes could fit the dense, and horrific atmosphere the band sculpts on The Esoteric Order more perfectly. Even with all the positive things that can be said about this album there is one fairly off-putting aspect to this album and that is the playtime. The album clocks in at just over fifty minutes and unfortunately, in this bands case that is just a tad too long, the dragging isn't enough to bring the album down an awful lot but it does take it's toll after multiple listens. Luckily for Puteraeon this is really the only complaint that one can come up with and when all is said and done The Esoteric Order is still a killer album that will be in heavy rotation from metalheads worldwide.

Overall with The Esoteric Order Puteraeon has created a great slab of old school death metal. This is far from being groundbreaking but it is also far from being average. In the end the album comes out to be an excellent release that was made by people who clearly have a love for the genre. While there is nothing done here that hasn't been done many times before the fact in the matter is that Puteraeon has manage to do it well. Recommended for fans of the genre, in terms of more modern bands if you enjoyed the likes of Ribspreader and Revolting you'll most likely enjoy this.

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  1. Cool that you like the album. The reason for the album being so long is that there are 2 bonustracks on the digipack version. The other version "only" contains 11 songs (44 minutes)
    Jonas/ Puteraeon