Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ebola Syndrome

 Ebola Syndrome follows Kai San a vile, disgusting man. We are introduced to the character with the opening scene of Kai San porking his bosses wife, little does he know his boss will soon be joining them in the room. When confronted with the situation his boss tries to force Kai San to cut off his genitals, after thinking over his options Kai decides to keep his jewels and goes on a bloodthirsty rampage against those in the room. Due to the fact that Kai has now created a body count he is forced to flee to South Africa where the story truly begins.

Ten years later Kai has left his murderous past behind (though he is still a scumbag) and taken a job as a chef. He is underpayed and blackmailed by his boss who is aware of his unpleasant past. Meanwhile all the anger that he has built up over the past decade is coming to a head. It doesn't seem like it will be long before San decides to rekindle his past behavior.
 Soon after we are introduced to San's life in South Africa his boss has him take a little trip to buy discount meat in a small village, little does he know the horrible events that will take place due to this trip. While on this journey for meat San decides to stick his meat into an ebola infested village woman. The majority of people on the planet would die after committing an act like this but luckily for Kai he is one in a million and can continue to live and spread the virus to whoever he pleases.

Having stared death in the face Kai feels he is invincible and begins his rampage. As the body count grows higher so does the rate of food being consumed at his restaurant. Using his new found power he gets back at those who have held his past over his head and serves them up to all the hungry customers that happen to stop by.

Anthony Wong gives one of his best performances of all time in this classic tale of depravity. He plays a very convincing psycho who gets a morbid sense of fulfillment by killing people. This marks one of the many films that Herman Yau and Anthony Wong team up on. While the story is very similar to The Untold Story, it manages to cram just a bit more insanity in between the opening and closing credits. Even though the film doesn't spill much blood there is plenty of sickness to be had, gorehounds and gross out fans are sure to enjoy the nasty acts that are projected on the screen.

Overall: 10/10
Gore: 7/10
Kills: 7/10

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