Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mild Manner Miogyny/Amputation Spree- Reservations At Dorsia Split

Here we have a split that consist of three tracks from two death metal bands. After hearing Amputation Spree's first EP it was going to be interesting to see what the band was going to do next considering that Addicted To Beheading Children had quite a few intriguing aspects working in it's favor. This split is in no way a letdown and most definitely a step in the right direction.

Mild Manner Misogyny's two track section of the split opens with a clip from American Psycho and then directly after the band comes at you with their very odd sounding brand of death metal. The guitar playing brought forth by Mild Manner Misogyny is mindbending to say the least, you never can predict what is going to happen next on either of the tracks and that is a very good quality that many bands in the genre can't seem to grasp. The acoustic interlude on "Useless to Me" was orgasmic to say the least and definitely gave the track an interesting flavor. The vocals featured here sound fairly similar to Nev of Loathsome. The highs are delivered in a wretched, filthy manner that is sure to disgust your ears in the best way possible. This is simply best described as evil death metal, MMM manages to capture a devastating atmosphere in just two tracks.

Amputation Spree's end of the split consist of one track titled "Makeshift Abortion Machine". Unlike the material on Theodore's previous EP this has a very slow sludgy sound. One of the biggest surprises on the track is the fact that the song features some clean vocals as apposed to constant grunts. Overall the track has a very epic vibe. Between the thundering bass and the crushing riffs there really isn't a thing to complain about. "Makeshift Abortion Machine" leaves the listener wanting more, one can only hope this one man juggernaut can deliver on the upcoming full-length album Fed To Pig Vomit, with a lovely title like that one can only hope for some more sickening groove.

Overall this is a killer split. It clocks in at just over ten minutes and manages to cram a great deal of memorable moments within the short time frame. If you are looking for some bass heavy death metal this is highly recommended. The Amputation Spree track is one of the chunkiest death metal tracks that comes to mind in recent memory.

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