Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Object

Love Object follows a man named Kenneth. Kenneth lives a very boring, uneventful life until one day when he is introduced to what seems to be the girl of dreams. The only problem is that she is made of silicone and happens to be a very expensive, lifelike doll. Immediately when the doll is delivered to his house in it's gigantic case the neighbors in his hall are very interested as to what the case holds. He detours their interest by saying it is a refrigerator and crams it into his small apartment door.

When Kenneth busts Nikki out of her packaging he proceeds to have sex with here and when finished, unsatisfied he grabs his phone and tries to return it. The man on the other line tells Kenneth to read the directions which give instructions on how to make the doll appear to be the girl of your dreams. This is when the new female employee at his job get's drug into the picture. He molds the doll after new coworker Lisa. Things take an interesting turn when Nikki begins to get jealous over Kenneth spending more and more time on his new flesh and bone friend.

Love Object manages to create a very creepy atmosphere while maintaining a certain amount of humor. This is a truly twisted tale of a man finally reaching his breaking point and it is all brought on by a struggle over choosing the beautiful Lisa or his new multi thousand dollar fuck doll. This psychological horror film will have your eyes glued to the screen and your rear at the edge of the seat. Desmond Harrington turns into a very convincing psycho as he swan dives into insanity without even realizing it.

There are many interesting characters thrown in the mix throughout the film. The hookah smoking landlord that lives next to Kenneth works great as a subtle comic relief moment, as well as the idiotic cop the lives in the apartment. The surreal moments spread throughout the film add a very nice flavor to the overall atmosphere, one of these moments would be when Kenneth goes into the sex shop only to find the clerk has quite a unique face.

Overall this is a very great film, that I could even see reaching classic status later on down the line. The subject matter may sound a bit odd for some but really this film should appeal to just about anyone. Highly recommended for fans of psychological films, don't expect much in the gore department but be prepared for plenty of tension and eerie moments. Maybe this will make you think twice if you ever think about wanting a sex doll.

Overall: 9/10

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