Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ad Patres- Promo 2010

Ad Patres is a brutal death metal band from France. The band formed in 2008 and features members from a slew of other bands most notably Herrera formerly from the highly praised black metal band Enthroned. All the members have clearly played their fair share of metal in the past. This is a band that you may very well see blow up in the near future.

The release clocks in at just under ten minutes. For an independent release this promo has a very polished sound, it fits the bands death metal hybrid sound quite well. The runtime of the demo flies by at breakneck speeds and Ad Patres leaves no room for fat, this is just pure, beefed up, no bullshit death metal. The vocals used here come from a wide variety of styles you've got standard growls, gutturals, burpy sounding squeals (think Frightmare), and some brutish hardcore shouts. The wide range of vocal approaches gives the already short promo a big push forward by keeping the whole experience fresh and interesting.

The playing here is extremely tight, whether it be the speed induced tremolo picked sections or the ear punishing riffs it is clear the players have chops in each department of brutality. The solo on "To The Fathers" is just as beautiful as it is facemelting. The riffs brought forth on this release are very crushing and are intertwined with chestbeating grooves and to top it off they are also fairly catchy and make for great "headbangability".

The drumming featured is blast filled and powerful. It may be awhile before Ad Patres releases anything else because I honestly think that Herrera killed his kit. Even though the breakneck sections of the album are served up in surplus the band does occasionally slow it down, when these moments pop up Herrera continues to bring the pain it's just in a slower more painful manner. In other words, it doesn't matter what method of beating you to pulp is used he is very capable of delivering the beating in every way possible.

Overall this is a band of death metal machines, they all play with an insane amount of precision and manage to pummel you in the process. This is highly recommended to those who enjoy modern death metal but also to those who enjoy a little old school as well. The band manages to blend modern and old school elements and in doing so they make their own death metal hybrid that will soon be released upon the world.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

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