Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foreskin- B.I.T.P

Foreskin is a crossover thrash band from Pakistan. All the songs were recorded in different sessions so in a way the album is kind of a compilation of unreleased tracks. The sound quality varies a lot throughout the demo. Tracks like "Kill the Principal" are very muddy and quiet, while tracks like "Raid the Stage" are very loud in comparison. This isn't a major problem but it does effect the flow of the demo in a negative way.

The demo clocks in at less than ten minutes and it doesn't drag at all but it does have a difficult time grabbing your attention. The track "Attack Of the Radioactive Posers" has some great ideas and sounds like it could be an amazing track but it is unfortunately plagued by the production quality. Foreskin definitely has the chops to make some great music and it is evident on every track but there are too many things working against them on this release. This isn't to say the demo is bad, because the band shows great potential and has some very fun moments crammed into this demos short playtime. At times Umer reminds me of Baloff back in the Bonded By Blood days.

The drumming on the demo is great. Soomro drives the band along at an excellent pace and plays with a great amount of energy. The lyrical themes here follow typical thrash/crossover themes, moshing, rebelling against authority, and the damn posers! That being said some of the lyrics are quite humorous lines like "Kill the Principal (x3) Kill him with a fucking pencil " and "So don't hesitate, spread the true metal sound! Like Bill Clinton's erect penis, stand tall and proud!" are classic.

B.I.T.P. is one of those albums that is entertaining but lacks originality. Don't go into this album expecting to have you mind blown. It wouldn't hurt to try and get all the tracks recorded at the same sound quality but who knows in this bands case that may not have been possible. Overall I'd love to hear what this would sound like with good enough production to make everything out clearly. This is still a good effort, it's just not as awesome as it could've been.

Download it here (Band Sanctioned): Foreskin- BITP


  1. i really like this band man. they are promoting humour metal. they are basically rockers playing metal with a punk attitude

  2. I agree, with a little help on production this could be killer.