Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amputation Spree- Addicted to Beheading Children EP

Amputation Spree's demo Addicted To Beheading Children opens with a Dawn of the Dead clip and dives straight into some slam riffs. From the start the one and only member Theodore Spencer Van Dyk lets the listener know what they have gotten themselves into. While instrumentally for the most part this album may come across as a cookie cutter brutal death metal album the vocals certainly stand out. The only band that come to mind with a similar vocal style is Demilich. Even though the vocal delivery is very guttural and burpy it is fairly easy to decipher the lyrics which is never a bad thing. 

The guitarwork featured doesn't stray too far from your typical slamming death metal band. A decent amount of groove is used but nothing that is too infectious, this isn't to say that it is forgettable but isn't the kind of groove that will stick in your head for hours. Instead the instrumental aspect of the album is very primitive. When the solo on "Pneumatic Press Death Crush"  hits it leaves a lasting impression. This solo is definitely the standout moment in this albums eleven minute runtime.

Though the sound of real drums will never be topped by a machine the drum machine used here is used responsibly and doesn't sound ridiculous. The main thing pushing the groove on this release is the thundering bass that is backing the guitars. It really packs a deep end punch and adds to the brutality in the overall sound. All in all Addicted to Beheading Children isn't anything groundbreaking it is worth a listen. With song titles like "Hydroplaning On Human Remains" why the hell not give it a shot?

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