Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Psycho- Pain Addict Pigs

Psycho is a nasty extreme metal band from Singapore. The band blends a vile mix of death, thrash, and black metal with a punk attitude. Imagine if Toxic Holocaust, Horrific, and Hellhammer had a Circle Jerk and the aftermath was artificial inseminated into a female zombie, Psycho would be the little zombie child that would eat it's way out after nine months. Prepare yourself for some horror themed metal with a distinct that will make you fear for your life the second it hits.

Pain Addict Pigs is over thirty minutes of mosh worthy metal that will possess you to rip the spine out of the person nearest you and play air guitar with it. The aggressive bass will leave you with bruises after one mere listen but you can't help but come back for more. Psycho just maims, kills, and cremates the listener and gets rid of all the evidence by evaporating the ashes so they can continue their murderous ways. The sinister grooves that Psycho churns out are not only memorable, but backbreaking to boot. When the Bryan John isn't crushing you he is either shredding your face off or playing an amazing bluesy solo. The morbid sounds pour out of the amp until blood shoots out of the listens ears like a geyser.

As mentioned previously the bass plays a big part in the overall sound of Pain Addict Pigs. It's up high in the mix and adds some thickness to the aural assault that Psycho is dishing out. JY is able to get some time in the spotlight and show off his talent in tracks like "Mater Lachrymarum…Mother Of Tears". Great to hear some more audible bass in a band with a sound leaning toward the sick and extreme. The vocals on Pain Addict Pigs are insane. Imagine screams from the deepest pits of the underworld backed by the vicious barks of a hellhound and you should have a pretty good idea out of what to expect from this. The vocal style fits the music perfectly and doesn't just stick to the cookie cutter death growl that is used so often.

Overall this album is the perfect balance between old school metal and a more modern sound. The band plays mad professor and amputates elements from multiple genres and stitches it all together creating a brand new musical beast. Death has never been so damn fun. Highly recommended for all the metalheads with a craving of gore and for those looking for something different within the piles of uninspired metal albums that come out these days.

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