Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview With Swallowed By Apathy

Brandon Mitchell and Kevin Czarnecki of Swallowed By Apathy took the time out to discuss a few things involving the band and where it is headed. 

Foul Feast- Tell us a little about how Swallowed By Apathy came about.

Brandon- Basically after leaving my other band Vultaria, I wanted to do something different that was more of my style, which is progressive metal. So me and my old drummer Blaine began writing material with a good friend of mine named Brandon Ball. We met Kevin at a Death Angel show and he came in to track bass and eventually became a prominent member. Blaine and Brandon exited the band and Kevin and I were just kinda left to carry it on. Since then, we have been working on better material and have been self-sufficient with the recording process.

Kevin- As Brandon had mentioned, I met him and the original lineup of SBA at a Death Angel show. We had just kinda hung out and we really hit it off. Basically I was brought in and just tracked my bass. At the time, the original songs we had done were done at a studio in Newark, OH by a friend of Brandon's, but now I record everything the band does. Not only am I the bass player, but I produce and program everything for the most part. I had never really been in a band before, a serious one at least, so I'm extremely happy with the way SBA has progressed throughout this short time we've been around. We're doing a lot more than most bands do in their first year of formation.

FF- If I'm remembering correctly you recorded the EP as a two piece. Are there any plans of getting together a full line-up?

Brandon- We are still working on that. It's really rough with the nature of the music, because a band is like a marriage and with having such a particular sound we want to make sure that who we bring in clicks with us musically.

Kevin- Definitely. It's necessary for this band to move forward. We want to start playing shows and getting out there more, but like Brandon mentioned it's really hard to find someone who clicks with you. I was fortunate enough to meet Brandon, who actually lives 3 hours away from me, at that show and we click perfectly musically. Sure, there are disagreements, but it's simply just like a family and whoever we bring in needs to click with us not only musically but there needs to be a good chemistry socially. Infact, we just put Egor Sadovnic into the band and he'll be playing guitar along side of Brandon.

FF- How is the new album coming together thus far?

Brandon- The new album is going fantastic. We've put a lot of time into the writing process and we're being extremely picky in making sure that every instrument is played as cleanly and clearly as possible. We learned a lot from our last EP and this is a defining moment for us. I think that people will really see that when it's released. From the artwork to the lyrics it's very deep and well thought out.

Kevin- Let's be honest: as good as it's going, it's also a huge bitch. I'll be totally honest with you, when we recorded the EP I knew what I was doing but at the same time I knew nothing. When it came to mixing, I went through such a learning process and so many failed mixes before I got something I was satisfied with. I'm not saying I'm the next Andy Sneap, but damn if I didn't do a decent job for what I had and the things I knew. Going into this album, I know all the mistakes I made when we originally recorded the EP and I'm equipped to fix them now. I'm having a lot of fun and releasing this will be my biggest accomplishment thus far.

FF- For those not aware, what does the title "Dysgenesis" mean?

Brandon-"Dysgenesis" to me represents the flaw in society, or mankind as a whole. Genesis is obviously an origin or start of something and the title represents how man is natural prone to error. With the state of our world and the nature of the material it is very fitting. Originally the album was going to be a concept record inspired by my mother's experiences with mental illness . As we got further into the writing we realized that we had much more to say and I think the concept idea would have taken away from the versatility of the material. With this title it represents the theme but it doesn't limit our topics.

Kevin-Well the textbook definition is basically to be born with a malformed organ, and based off of our previous album title and how it dealt with mental illness, I wanted to not stray too far from that subject so when I thought "Dysgenesis", I automatically thought malformation of the brain. I've always personally liked lyrics and themes dealing with society and the flaws of mankind, so this really excites me. The artwork really reflects this, because when I designed it I wanted to make it seem like someone was trying to seek salvation from the pains of his/her own human mind, and the use of the hands of an infant really helps portray the idea that finding ourselves and dealing with the corruptions and flaws of life are a lifelong struggle and that no matter how stubborn people may be, we all need a little help and that's where the second hand reaching out for the one emerging from the ground came into play. The cool thing about it all is that it leaves room for the listener to determine what they personally think it means and that's always something I look for in music.

FF- How did you end up getting in touch with Chris Clancy (of Mutiny Within) for mixing and mastering the new album?

Brandon- Ironically Mutiny Within had played at the Death Angel show where Kevin and I had met. lol I talked with Chris periodically throughout the night and I was shocked by how passionate he was about the music and he had a very humble attitude. Meeting him was a huge honor and so for him to be as kind and outgoing as he was made a huge impact. I kept in touch with him through Facebook and as we began planning the album we realized that mixing is expensive. Chris not only offered us a great deal but he actually expressed excitement about working on it. It's definitely necessary to have someone who understands your music and can give you the best sound possible. He actually wants this to be of great quality and he puts a lot of effort into what he does.

Kevin- I mixed the EP to the best of my abilities, but I know I'm NO where near ready to mix and master an entire full length album so I decided to shoot Chris a message on Facebook. I knew he mixed for bands but the deal he offered us was one we couldn't shoot down so we decided to work with him. We've sent him stuff already and what he's sent back sounds so phenomenal and I think everyone will be really surprised.

FF- How do you feel your music has progressed since the recording of the EP?

Brandon- I would say we put more thought into writing good songs overall. Sometimes when writing progressive music it can be easy to lose sight of the catchiness and hooks. We want to not only write challenging music but also music that will click with people and stick in their heads. We have been really good about not adding unnecessary parts and so forth. I also think the songs vary from one another a great deal so that the listener can differentiate every song from one another. I hate when albums start strong and then material just kind of runs together.

Kevin- Brandon wrote all the guitar parts and what not, and judging by what he's written I'd say the writing has matured so much since the EP. The transitions are fantastic and everything flows great. Seeing it all come together with drums and what have you not is something that never gets old to me. There's much more of an excitement with the album, even more so than with the EP. Each song is definitely unique to one another. The cool thing about it is you can tell it's us by each and every song but we are able to put a spin on everything. You'll hear some death metal, some jazz, some melo death, some power metal, some folk metal, it's all there and that's really what I love.

FF- Obviously you both draw influences from a wide variety of artists, but is there anyone that sticks out the most in terms of inspiration?

Brandon- Into Eternity is easily my favorite band. We actually got our band name out of line in their song "Paralyzed". That band opened so many doors for me and I've taken a lot from Tim's guitar work. There isn't anyone out there who has even a fraction of the skill those guys have. Musically, they are not only technical but they are catchy and write carefully. Death, Nevermore, Martyr, Quo Vadis, Trivium, and Mutiny Within are also some of my favorites. There's also a band out there called Chaos Divine from Australia. They are excellent and unfortunately not as big as they should be. I took a great deal of influence from them while writing 'Dysgenesis'.

Kevin- As Brandon said, I'd say Into Eternity is definitely one of the big influences. For me, I take a great deal of influence from Death, Control Denied, Martyr, Nevermore, Divinity, Obscura, basically all the same stuff as Brandon. My bass work has been compared to that of Steve DiGiorgio, one of my biggest idols, and I'm aiming to really push it to the next level on the album.

FF- Have you guys played any gigs yet?

Brandon- Not yet unfortunately. When we had the originally line-up we planned on gigging a lot but until we find a solid drummer it isn't possible. That's why we are putting a lot of time into writing great material so that we can assemble a live line-up and put on a great show every gig. I've had a lot of experience in past bands and I know the potential of what SBA could do. I just want to make sure we deliver the most professional live show we can.

Kevin- No gigs but I'm really excited to bring SBA into the live environment. With Egor in the band now, I think we'll be able to make it happen a lot quicker than anticipated.

FF- How is the metal scene in Cleveland?

Brandon- I'm just now moving here so I don't know too much lol. I really like The Dagger Rebellion. They are probably my favorite unsigned progressive band and they make Ohio proud. I also like Stoneking from up North. They play progressive death metal, they have a unique sound as well.

Kevin- The Cleveland music scene is great. I mean, sure, it has its shit like every other scene, but I'm pretty happy with it. You have The Dagger Rebellion, Salt the Wound, Ruled by Reason, all these great bands. Not to mention Chimaira and Mushroomhead. Definitely a lot of potential and talent.

FF- Any final thoughts?

Brandon- Quadtracking guitars sucks. It's going to be the death of me. lol Other than that, support the local bands because it's rough trying to be heard. Also if you want something don't let anything stop you. I hope everyone out there picks up "Dysgenesis" when it is finished and continues to spread the word.

Kevin- It's been a really shitty, tedious process and it seems like we haven't even broke the tip of the iceberg yet, but when this album comes out, you'll all be extremely surprised and satisfied at the results. Keep supporting us and spreading the word!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bone Fragments- Too Gruesome To Be Real

When I first heard the band Bone Fragments described I was immediately interested. When listening to Bone Fragments many things may pop into the listeners head, things like, odd, bizarre, and unique. The bottom line is this band is doing something very different. For the most part the music in their discography is carnival themed black metal. They formed back in 2006 as a two piece and have since gained a full line-up. They have consistently been releasing quality music since their inception and have just released Too Gruesome To Be Real, their second full-length.

Too Gruesome To Be Real is a concept album of sorts. It follows an old wretched man named Count Bludwig who resides in a castle. He does not live in this castle on his own of course, staying with him is a group of gruesome creatures. Throughout the album you will be introduced to menacing characters like the Octobunny and the insane Dr. Slaughter. Tormentor did an amazing job with the lyrics and the stories delivered in each song make it nearly impossible to not be completely engrossed in the music.

If the subject matter of the lyrics don't have you sucked in yet the riffs are sure to put the last nail in the casket. The guitarwork for the most part is insanely catchy and effective. When the riffs blend with the synth melodies the combination creates an atmosphere that pushes the quality of the music over the edge. The music has an extremely surreal vibe and plays out like the soundtrack to a perfect nightmare. The vocal delivery doesn't have much in terms of variation but it fits the music well enough to get by. The style used is a guttural growl that sounds oddly relaxed. It is an interesting approach and works quite well.

Overall this album has to find it's way into your collection if you are in search of surreal metal with a thick atmosphere. It is one of the first releases in a long time that has sucked me in with its concept and every single element of the music delivers in the best way possible. This album has been in heavy rotation since I've received it and it will probably be that way for awhile. The replay value is endless and not a second of Too Gruesome To Be Real grows dull. It will be interesting to see where the band goes next with their music, with this album they have mastered the sound that is Bone Fragments and with the potential shown here it seems that the sky is the limit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Swallowed By Apathy- EP

Swallowed By Apathy is a two piece progressive metal band from Ohio. The band formed in 2010 and have since released this EP. It is clear when listening that the band draws influence from many different sections of the metal genre and that they have worked hard at creating a sound that doesn't grow dull after a few listens. They fall in the right place when it comes to progressive music, it is interesting enough to keep the listener guessing but it never comes across as too self indulgent. Many bands can't successfully find that middle ground and with that being said it makes for a truly excellent release.

The guitar playing on this release is solid. The riffs fit together in a very coherent manner and for such young musicians they show great potential in terms of writing ability. Many moments featured here are graced with some epic shredding and it never seems out of place in the slightest. The bulk of the riffs are extremely infectious and linger through your head awhile after listening. The cleanly played sections are executed with great precision, these sections of the album never sound tacked on in an attempt to "sound progressive". The moments fit perfectly with what Swallowed By Apathy is setting out to do. The bass also plays a decent sized role in the overall sound. It adds a great deal of depth to the bands already big sound.

The vocals are the EP consist of a wide variety of styles. One major flaw in many extreme bands is the lack of vocal diversity, luckily Swallowed By Apathy isn't afraid to go out of the typical boundaries and switch off styles quite often. The only minor gripe I have about the vocal performance involves the cleans. They aren't bad by any means, they are actually quite good, but they are lacking some power. A more powerful delivery would give the clean moments that extra push into greatness. Another thing that might catch the attention of the listener is the opening vocals on the track "Neurophobia" which have a stunning resemblance of the death metal legend Chuck Schuldiner.

Overall Swallowed By Apathy have started off on solid ground. This is a very good release and leaves just enough impact to stick with the listener afterwards. Apparently the band is already recording a full-length so be sure to lookout for that in the near future. Fans of mid-era Death may find this to be right up their alley. Anyone in to metal in general that can handle a little heaviness should give this EP a shot.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Chalice- Prayers For Our Lord And Savior

Black Chalice is a death metal band from Maine. Right from the beginning Black Chalice shows what their music is all about. This is straightforward raw death metal that only fans of filth will be able to digest. There is little room for breathing and the heavily distorted guitar rarely eases up on it's full on aural assault. The entire twenty minute runtime of Prayers For Our Lord And Savior is extremely dense, there is not one glimmer of hope within the time between the first note and the last.

There are a decent amount of memorable riffs to be heard on the three tracks featured here. The tempo is also switched up enough to keep things fresh. The first track mostly sticks to some rapid fire riffing and just jumps straight for the listener's throat. On "Infallibility Of Semen" things are slowed down for the most part. Some slow sludgy riffs are played throughout the track and when laced with everything else that is going on it makes for quite the eerie atmosphere. The main thing that contributes to the creepy vibe given off by the song is the melody that creeps in and out. Though track two does switch up the formula a bit the majority of this 20 minute release consists of high speed, chunky riffs.

The vocals on this release get overpowered by the guitar. Putrid growls can be can be heard in the background throughout the album and even though the album may not be vocal driven the way they are delivered works out well. The drumming on the album is done by a machine, and while in most cases this bugs me the guitar overpowers the drums so much that it is hardly noticeable after awhile.

Overall Prayers For Our Lord And Savior is only going to appeal to a small group of people. Though a large amount of people will be turned off by how stripped down and bare bones Black Chalice's sound is, those who can digest it will definitely appreciate it. So, if you can enjoy some simple, but effective death metal definitely give this one a shot.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sinstorm- Sinstorm

Sinstorm is a five piece black metal band from Los Angeles. The band describes their music as "vile melodic black metal". Sinstorm originally formed in 2005 and released one demo only to disband and reform in 2008, leaving Jeremy Barnes as the only original member. While the album does have some pretty good production, it does still capture the raw atmosphere that many bands try desperately to achieve. This album marks their first full-length and shows a band with some potential.

The guitar playing on the album is excellent. There are enough solos to melt the faces of everyone in a 100 mile radius. The tremolo picked sections are delivered with surgical precision and when laced with the machine gun approach drumming the outcome is nothing short of devastating. While this approach does work for them it may bore those who aren't into the intense "full speed ahead" style. It is clear that Sinstorm is capable of writing a solid track (which is shown many times on this release), they just need to find something extra to separate themselves from the pack.

The musical approach used on Sinstorm is very unrelenting. There is the constant pounding of blastbeats and so many things going on at once. The album almost has a constant claustrophobic feel. When all is said and done it is quite obvious that Sinstorm knows how to blend melody into their music without sacrificing the chaotic Throughout the albums playtime a decent amount of melody is incorporated into the sound. Luckily, unlike a good portion of other bands, Sinstorm is able channel in that melody without completely getting rid of their raw energy.

Overall Sinstorm may have the most original sound ever but they show a great deal of potential. It is also nice to see that the band included two fun covers at the end of the album. Type O Negative's "I Don't Wanna Be Me" and Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" are covered. Sinstorm add their own flare to the tracks and they definitely add to the overall entertainment factor. Apparently they are already recording their second studio album "Thy Deceiver" so it will not be long before we see if they can capitalize on the potential that is shown here. So all in all, this is a solid debut that shows the potential of a fairly new band. Fans of melodic black metal should give this one a listen.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amputation Spree- Terminal Velocity EP

Amputation Spree is Theodore Spencer Van Dyk's brutal death metal project. Since the beginning of the bands existence releases have been flowing out at rapid pace and always deliver in terms of consistency. When most people think of brutal death it is either a love or hate relationship. Amputation Spree have managed to find that middle ground in the fact that those who hate the genre can most likely enjoy this release. With the thirteen minute runtime there is plenty here to keep the listener entertained.

There are a few sections of experimentation spread throughout this short release. These moments certainly make for an interesting listening experience. The entire first track has an odd quality going for it. For the most part it is just your typical death metal track with a bludgeoning quality to it, but the entire song the volume fades in and out. It creates an extremely weird and disorienting effect. Though it does make for an interesting listen it may, later on down the line, jeopardize the replay value of that particular track.

 The guitar playing like with previous releases focuses on the groove for the most part. An occasional melody gets incorporated into the music. An example of this would be in "Sudden Monolithic Realization Of Chaos and Suffering" right before it goes into a great solo. Aside from a few moments that have outburst of speed the majority of the album has that slow, cranium crunching pace that forces you to headbang while listening. The bass is overwhelmingly heavy on Terminal Velocity. The bass definitely adds a tremendous amount of thickness to the overall sound of the EP and hits like a haymaker with every note.

It is obvious that since the first EP Addicted To Beheading Children dropped Theodore has matured a bit musically. Each track featured on this release manages to have a very epic sound but still maintain that odd brutality that made his past material memorable. Another aspect that has improved since the split and EP is the vocal performance. While the vocals may not be quite as guttural as they used to be at times there is a greater amount of variation. Also it seems since the last release the delivery of the growls has gotten much more powerful.

Overall Terminal Velocity is a big improvement over something that was already pretty damn good. If a full-length release ever gets dropped from Amputation Spree with tracks up to par with the ones heard here, well let's just say you would probably want to hide your children. Amputation Spree is slowly becoming the best free music money can buy. Fans of brutal death metal should give this one a look, and metalheads in general who can appreciate the more extreme styles will also find this worthy of a listen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disfigured- Amputated Gorewhore

Disfigured is a four piece death metal band from Texas. Amputated Gorewhore marks their second full-length since their formation back in 2003. Since their last album in 2008 it is obvious that they have upped the ante. Amputated Gorewhore is a vicious onslaught of gore soaked death metal that will please all gorehounds and metalheads alike. At just over thirty minutes heads will be crushed and lives will be lost.

The guitar playing here has a healthy amount of variation. Disfigured aren't strangers of a little thing called tremolo picking. The fretwork is handled with deadly precision from start to finish and it is clear that the man working the axe, Mike DeLeon has chops. Many of the riffs featured on the album are more infectious than a veteran hooker (that's pretty damn infectious!). When listening it is clear that Disfigured know how to write a solid song which is one task that many brutal bands fail to achieve. The vocals are fairly standard for the style. Very guttural and brutal to say the least, they fit what the band is churning out perfectly and are delivered with a respectable amount of power.

One thing that makes this album standout when compared to a slew of other death metal albums is the fact that the bass is very high in the mix. On top of that Adam DeLeon not only get's to be heard playing, a good portion of the time the basslines standout just as much as the guitars. Normally when a rare occurrence like this happens in metal the bassist is just following along with the riff but on Amputated Gorewhore a big chunk of the time he gets to stray away from the pack and do some pretty cool stuff. It would be ridiculous to say that you could take the bass out of this album and it would be just as good, because to put it simply, it plays a gigantic part in this album.

While at first glance the album very much consists of brutal death metal, Disfigured inject a decent amount of old school flavor into the overall sound. It would be an understatement to say Amputated Gorewhore packs a punch, because that is just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of the tracks featured on the album fall in between two or three minutes, and, like many other gore drenched albums like this a few of the tracks feature samples. Even with the short track lengths Disfigured lunge straight for the listeners throat and don't let go until they are drained of life.

Overall Disfigured show no signs of slowing. Amputated Gorewhore delivers exactly what one who is familiar with the band should expect, a nice and heavy slab of death metal. It is well written with near perfect execution. Fans of the style couldn't ask for much more. Keep an eye out for future pieces of brutality from Disfigured and until then pick this up. It will tide you over until the next tidal wave of blood clashes with your face.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stoic Dissention Interview

Big thanks to Zachary from Stoic Dissention for taking the time out to do this interview!

Foul Feast: How did Stoic Dissention come about?

Zachary: Stoic Dissention started with the end of Dave and my other band Acheronian Dirge coming to an end.  Both of us felt our musical journey shouldn't end there so we started looking for other musicians with similar tastes and ideas.  Luck greeted us with meeting Isaac and Kelly at a show their other bands Centimani and Kasigation were playing as they both were interested in the twisted aspirations that would become Stoic Dissention. Also forunately Isaac's roommate was Peter who joined as our drummer and thus we had a full line-up.

FF: When did the writing process for Senium start?

Zachary: Senium was started in September of 2010 and finished by November 2010.  It was a very fluid process with the writing of the demo hince the short time it took for the actual writing process.

FF: The demo has a playtime that is more suited for a full-length release. Has going the extra mile on this release paid off?

Zachary: I believe it has.  We've had very good feedback so far which makes us proud and glad. Of course the length itself was the product of the natural flow of the songs to help convey what we wished conveyed.  I think if we made the songs any shorter or longer something could have sounded off.  Less organic and not nearly as manical. 

FF: How have gigs been thus far? Are there any that you played that stand out in particular?

Zachary: We haven't played to much as of yet.  That will be changing in the very near future as we have shows booked almost to the end of the year already.  Out of the shows we have played I think when we played with Stonehaven stood out the most.  All the bands played well that night and it was the highlight to hear such amazing feedback from many of the people in attendence. 

FF: Where does the group draw inspiration from when it comes to lyrical themes?

Zachary: My source of inspiration for the lyrics are drawn from many sources from the esoteric to the macabre to books I have read.  The Senium demo has some unusal themes to it lyrically such as Apotheosis and Astral Projection, but also in the cases of "The Thought of Them" it deals with a more fantasy theme.  Its more or less about being drugged and tortured but being aware whats going on but not being able to do anything about it.  I try to find unique and different things to write about if I can.  I think theres already enough bands out there singing about Satan, anti-christianity, gore and politics that I figure I don't need to being apart of it. 

FF: What are some of your biggest influences musically? 

Zachary: There is a lot so I'll only go into it a little so here goes: Deathspell Omega, Esoteric, Ahab, Cathedral, Emperor, My Dying Bride, Shininh, Bethlehem, Summoning, Burzum, Mono, Sunn O))).  The list goes on and on. 

FF: What does the title "Senium" refer to?

Zachary: The technical term is "The final period in the normal life span."  To me it deals with death and the mentality of the unknown that is soon to come.  The anxiety, despair, and curiosity that I believe would be there in the final throes of life.  The moments before there is the acceptance and closure to what we are losing in death.

FF: Are there many other metal bands in your area?

Zachary: There is a relatively good scene here.  Bands like The Flight of Sleipnir, Velnias, Zombie Hate Brigade, Weaponizer and Vision of Mara to name a few.  Check them out if you can.

FF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Zachary: I'd like to thank you and everyone out there supporting us and the underground scene in general. Also people can contact me at ZSalmans@hotmail.com for copies of the demo and other merch.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ruins- Chambers Of Perversion

Ruins is a blackened thrash metal band from Germany. Bringing an arsenal of christ raping metal blasphemy to the table Ruins is guaranteed to destroy most of the competition. The band has been churning out material at rapid speeds since their formation in 2006. They have released two demos, three splits, this EP, and a full-length in their short time together. With the heavy amount of output one would assume the material must be lacking, but that would be false. With a cover like this one it is certain that anyone even thinking of getting this is fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. Chambers Of Perversion makes the inside of the listeners ear look like the crime scene of a savage murder. This is one of those albums that makes you feel the need to take a shower after initial listen.

The main thing that makes this release is the raw aggression that is displayed. Ruins has the attitude of early Toxic Holocaust, which is always a plus. The raw punkish attitude definitely adds to the all out assault the band delivers in terms of the instrumental elements. On top of all this they know how to keep it short and sweet. There is absolutely no fat to be found in the content of Chambers Of Perversion. Some of the tracks, including "Chambers of Perversion" and "Primitive Evil" don't even break the two minute mark, but never fear! Ruins knows how to pack an absurd amount of greatness into extremely small tracks.

The guitar tone used on the album is drenched in distortion. Nothing too technical to be heard, just a wide variety of vicious riffs that are delivered at a blazing pace. The vocal performance featured on the album is putrid. The almost constant attack of throat shredding vocals are sure to turn away some listeners. That being said the vocal style works extremely well for the sinister speed that Ruins is belting out. The record also contains a fierce onslaught of drumming. The drummer pounds away at his kit for the full runtime and not a hint of fatigue is shown.

Overall this album should be marked down on the to get list for any fans of black metal and filthy thrash. While Ruins may not be the most original band on the scene today, they do what they do and they hold their own when it comes to other bands playing a similar style. Chambers Of Perversion has a great deal of replay value and with it's short runtime can be played multiple times back-to-back without getting old. Don't expect anything clean from the sick bastards in Ruins, they make sick music for vile individuals, if you fit the bill, you'll be pleased with the product, if not, don't bother.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Abysmalia- Replenish Entirety

Abysmalia is a three piece band from Finland. The band plays a unique style of proggy thrash influenced metal. The way they approach this style is sure to turn the heads of many metalheads. It would be very difficult to find too many other bands to compare to Abysmalia. While the music isn't so zany that it is hard to enjoy it is most certainly not the most conventional of it's kind either.

The vocals on the album are very well executed. There is a healthy blend of both clean and harsh vocals. The harsh vocals on the album sound very uncontrolled and edgy. The cleans featured are a highlight and without a doubt spice up the overall sound of the record quite a bit. The fretwork on Replenish Entirety is quite captivating. The playing consists of, not only solid riffs, but is also fairly intricate at times. The timing used during many sections of the album are odd and keep things fresh. While many bands that flirt with technicality sacrifice the ability to write a song in order to showboat their talents, that is not the case here. There is a decent amount of great guitar playing displayed here but it is all written in a manner that is very easy to digest and to put it simply fairly awe-inspiring.

The bass on this album doesn't fade into the background like in most cases. Much of the album actually relies on the bass to hold the groove and beef up the sound. Not only does the bassist get a little time in the spotlight, he can also be credited with doing a major part in holding this beast of an album together. When listening to Abysmalia's wonderful composition of sounds a few bands may come to mind. The first that may come up throughout is Augury, while the band isn't strikingly similar many moments do appear to be partly inspired by the prog gods.

When listening to Replenish Entirety it is easy to tell that Abysmalia isn't too worried about what listeners think of them. They never stay in anything that could be considered a "comfort zone" for very long. The band's fearless approach definitely makes this release a breath of fresh air. Just when you think you know where they are going next they throw a curveball and do something that nobody could have predicted. Going about music this way takes plenty of guts and when listening to this it is clear that Abysmalia have no lack in that department. The softer side that Abysmalia shows on and off throughout the album is stunning. While it is extremely relaxing and emotional it manages to hold an intense grip on your attention. It is hard to believe that such chaotic moments can be displayed so cohesively when juxtaposed with the beautiful sound that makes up their other half.

Overall Abysmalia have made an eerily engrossing album. It is hard to pinpoint an exact section of metal fans that will enjoy this release. Many different subgenres are poured into this melting pot of metal. Whether the band is moving at the speed of light or at a crawling pace they always play to the fullest and aim to entertain. Fans of anything progressive should get some kind of enjoyment out of this. Due to the unique sound the band puts on display, Replenish Entirety has amazing replay value. Check this one out!