Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haeresiarchs Of Dis- Denuntiatus Cinis

 Haeresiarchs Of Dis is a one man black metal project from the United States. Denuntiatus Cinis is the third piece of pure darkness that Cernunnos has released since the project started. This is blasphemy of the highest order and proves to be a frightening experience to even the most experienced metalheads in existence. Crammed with over an hour of haunting abuse Denuntiatus Cinis is certainly an album that will have the audience begging for more if they manage to make it to the end.

Cernunnos lets out the shrieks of a thousand tortured souls during Denuntiatus Cinis. Along with the shrieks of the damned he also incorporates some booming clean vocals filled with despair. Denuntiatus Cinis clocks in at nearly seventy minutes. Given the length a fair amount of diversity must be employed to hold the attention of the listener. The musical madness that is brought forth on this release has no trouble in doing so.

The album has two different styles intertwining throughout the playtime. There are plenty of tracks that feature pure black metal mastery but laced in between are instrumentals of cleanly displayed gloom and lost hope. The instrumentals set the tone for Denuntiatus Cinis in a big way and manage to tell a story with the sounds that linger out of the speakers. In many ways this album could've have been two separate releases, one for the black metal and one for the instrumental pieces and they would have both been able to hold up on their own. When the two are blending together the atmosphere is overwhelming making it one of the best releases to come to mind in quite some time.

Cernunnos creates some of the most horrifyingly filthy black metal tracks when given the chance. While the instrumentals are a bit of a step in a different direction the heavy tracks are just as grim as one would expect from the greats of the genre. In saying that there are still some wicked twists and turns spread throughout this sinister showing of all that is evil. If you find one person whose jaw doesn't drop in surprise when the folk tune "Bemoan the Fallen" hits then you must have someone with their jaw wired shut.

Overall Cernunnos has crafted one of the best metal albums in a fairly long time. Throughout the playtime of these dark and chaotic ride many epic moments are created but they quickly die a brutal death. All the bright, happy thoughts that filled the listeners head are torn to shreds and used to keep the fire that powers Haeresiarchs Of Dis's unforgettable musical torture going. Listening to this one would assume the creator lives in a cave somewhere, the last thought would be that it came from the golden state. Highly recommended to those looking for something to feed their morbid desires.

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