Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mild Manner Misogyny- Stronger Mind, Stronger You!

Mild Manner Misogyny is back after their split with Amputation Spree on a solo outing. Stronger Mind, Stronger You! is a four track demo that clocks in at just under ten minutes and it dives deeper into the unique sound that was displayed on the split. Those who listened to the split know what they are getting themselves into, prepare yourself for an interesting brand of brutal death metal that separates itself from the pack.

The demo is full of twists and turns and really manages to surprise the listener on more than one occasion. The clean vocals featured on "A Romantic Dinner For Two" come out of nowhere and add an eerie atmosphere to the track. The majority of the vocals here are croaky grunts and shrieks. Vocal layering is used a good portion of the demo. While the vocals are harsh the lyrics are very easy to decipher. When it comes to lyrical themes this is filled with stories of sticking seven dicks in one woman and convincing whores to kill themselves, classy indeed.

Though I'm not the biggest fan of breakdowns the band uses them in a very effective way and close out tracks like "A Romantic Dinner For Two" in a very crushing manner. There are many great grooves to be had in the short time this demo plays, but when the band speeds things up is when they shine the most. The speedy sections in "Do It Now" are superb and feature one of the more complex guitar parts on the release.

It's hard to compare this band's sound to any other artist in particular. They've done themselves a solid by molding their own sound, between the outlandish vocal performance and the obscure guitarwork that pops up throughout. It is hard not to be captivated while listening to Strong Mind, Strong You! Overall for a ten minute demo this tears the listener up pretty good. Highly recommended for those into brutal death metal. The band experiments a lot within the short runtime of this demo and it would be very interesting to see what they could do on a full-length. Until then the split and this should be plenty to tide you over. Did I mention there is a recorder solo? Yes, a fucking recorder solo! Get this.

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