Companies/Labels that put out the vile things we review:

Movie Companies:
Acid Bath Productions
Adversary Films
Anchor Bay
Anthem Pictures
Arrow Films
Behold Barbarity
Bloody Earth Films
Camp Motion Pictures
Chemical Burn Entertainment
Code Red DVD
Dark Sky Films
Dire Wit Films
Elite Entertainment
Extreme Entertainment
Forbidden Films
Hentai Cop Films
I Can't Believe It's Not Hollywood Productions
Independent Entertainment
Intervision Pictures
Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Massacre Video
Morbid Vision Films
MVD Visual
MYA Communication
Plotdigger Films
Republic Pictures
RYKO Distribution
Shock-O-Rama Cinema
Shriek Show
The Sleaze Box
Terror Optics
Unearthed Films
West 2nd Productions
Wild Eye Releasing

Record Labels:
Abyss Records
Black Art
Brain Damage Music
Comatose Music
Cyclone Empire
Dark Descent Records
Deathgasm Records
Debemur Morti Productions
F.D.A. Rekotz
First Church of the Left-Hand Path
Full Moon Productions
Give Praise Records
Hellthrasher Productions
Hexamorphosis Productions
Hirntrust Grind Media
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Lavadome Productions
Listenable Records
Moribund Records
Mortal Music
Muse Sick Records
Negative Existence
No Zen Records
nomoretomorrow records
Pathologically Explicit Records
Planet Metal
Razorback Records
Satanica Productions
Selfmadegod Records
Sevared Records
Seventh Rule Recordings
Shrieks From the Hearse Records
Steamroller Records
United Guttural
Zia Productions