Friday, February 25, 2011

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)


It isn't all too surprising to see a film like I Spit On Your Grave being remade considering the recent  success with the Last House On the Left remake. Many are outraged about these horror classics being remade and in a day and age when it seems it is just being done for a quick cash grab it would be hard to say these people are mad without good reason. What's next? Last House On Dead End Street? Last House On the Beach? Forced Entry (okay, maybe that is a bit too far)? With all that being said, why fight it? Companies will continue to do this until they turn blue in the face and there really isn't much the audience can do. So why not sit back and watch the remake of one of your favorite all school flicks? The worst thing that could occur is you having a laugh at the mediocrity or how the new crew "missed the point" of the original film. Now with that out of the way it is onward to the story.

Jennifer Hills is a writer from the city that has traveled out in the middle of nowhere to a cabin in order to direct her focus towards her writing. When she gets her key from the nice old man who owns the place she is given a paper with some less than satisfactory directions. She goes about her way and ends up stopping at a gas station in the sticks to get directions, when stopping she is greeted by a group of hoodlums. The ringleaders proceeds to hit on Jennifer trying to impress his friends but much to his dismay, ends up soaked and embarrassed. With the knowledge of where the beautiful Jennifer Hill is staying it is clear that he is going to get his revenge. The group of friends are accompanied by a mentally challenged man by the name of Matthew, who the next day fixes Jennifer's pipes, she kisses him in excitement and he runs out nervously before getting payed. After these events the group goes up to the cabin to collect Matthew's cash, or so it seems until things take a brutal turn that will effect her forever.

There are a few big differences between this film and the original. Unlike the original the law enforcement gets involved with the situation which adds a great deal of depth to the plot. Some may take this aspect as a good thing while many others will consider it bad. This remake isn't quite as brutal in the rape scene but the revenge sequence takes a step up in violence. Many seem to be making this out to be the most brutal rape scene ever brought to film but that is in no way the case, not much is shown and films like Irreversible and even Gutterballs make this pale in comparison. The kills are fairly unique and painful to watch. Those who oppose eye violence, dick violence, and sodomy with firearms should journey elsewhere in their movie watching. Sarah Butler does an excellent job playing the part of a woman who has been broken and battered to the breaking point. While she is a beauty it is clear by the time that the credits roll that she can do some major damage.

Overall those who are fans of the original should enjoy this as well. If you're going to be disgusted to the point of complaining (yeah to all of you "this is vile and disgusting, what is the world coming to?!?" viewers) then simply DON'T WATCH THE FILM!!! It isn't like the director of the film created the concept of rape. This is a good film to watch for those who like to challenge themselves with what they can handle, you won't be calling this the most disturbing film you've seen when all is said and done but it certainly isn't something you'd gladly show your kids. Check out the I Spit On Your Grave remake, it shows a slightly different variation of the simple idea that was brought forth in the original and it will not disappoint long time fans of the genre.

Overall: 9/10
Gore: 9/10
Kills: 10/10

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