Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gorgy- Birth of Damnation

Gorgy is a death metal band from Kentucky. They formed back in 2008 and Birth of Damnation marks their first full-length release. Filled with large doses of heaviness and fun samples Gorgy is sure to gain some fans with this album. Upon first listen you will immediately find that you have a strange urge to punch all nearby pillows, do not fear, this is a common side-effect that comes with exposure to Birth of Damnation.

The album clocks in at just under thirty minutes and there is absolutely no time for filler. All the tracks have certain qualities that make them stand apart from one another. It is clear when listening that the band spent time crafting these tracks to be the best they could possibly be. None of the riffs or solos sound out of place and everything in general is just on point from start to finish.

The guitar tone suits the album perfectly. It is nice and chunky when it needs to be and the solos sound amazing. The album is packed full of killer grooves and catchy fast sections. The bass is almost easy to mix because of how overpowering the vocals are but if you listen closely you will discover it is actually fairly high in the mix. Millers vocals fit the bands sound perfectly. He has an extremely guttural growl but it is also very easy to decipher what is being said for the most part. There are a few different variation in the vocal styles used and to top it off there is quite a bit of layering spread throughout.

All the songs featured on Birth of Damnation have there moments that separate them from one another. "3rd Degree Sodomy" has that spastic, violent feel while maintaining it's catchiness, while other tracks like "Welcoming the Gore" just go right in for the kill and bring the brutality to the fullest. If there is one thing all the tracks have in common though it is the fact that they are all catchy. The tremolo picked sections will stick with you after listening and after a listen or two you will probably even find yourself singing along while listening.

Overall Gorgy's debut does not disappoint. This release is nearly thirty minutes of blazing death metal brutality, nothing less, nothing more. This album won't change the minds of people who despise death metal but it will definitely give all the fans a neck workout. There is absolutely nothing to complain about and hopefully the potential shown on this debut will continue to grow on future releases. With a name like Gorgy what's not to like?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beeravore- Alcoholics Unanimous

Beeravore is a death metal band from Georgia. They formed back in 2007 and have put out a couple of releases since. If you can't tell by the band name, album name, and song titles these dudes enjoy their alcohol. That being said they don't just sit around getting wasted all the time. They sit around, get wasted, and write killer death metal records. When all is said and done you get what you should expect, 30 minutes of alcohol loving death metal.

The guitar tone on this record is nice and thick. Each groove packs as much of a punch as the last and every single riff is played the perfect amount of time. Everything on the album is musically sound. They have found the perfect balance when it comes to taking time to emphasize the groove and technicality and somehow in between all of that they manage to make it all very catchy. The bass is also audible throughout on this release and it thickens up the sound a great deal.

Beeravore proves that they can handle the speedy approach at death metal but on tracks that take the more crushing route like "Antifreeze Snowcone" is when they really shine the most. Little moments like the calm break in the middle also really help the albums flow. That being said the band never steps too far out of their comfort zone and with the style being played here stepping too far from the comfort may throw everything off. The pace changes up enough to keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish so it doesn't really effect the quality of the album much in the end.

Overall Beeravore have created an extremely fun, heavy album with Alcoholics Unanimous. The subject matter of the album may be pretty lighthearted for the most part but anyone who denies Beeravore's ability to write a solid death metal song is senile. The music is always top notch and tightly played. I can honestly only see their sound improving in the future. Fans of death metal in general should check out this album. It is extremely consistent and fun enough to maintain its replay value after multiple listens. Get it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview With Rico Unglaube (Goregast vocalist)

In this interview Rico Unglaube discusses a bit about the new album, his label FDA Rekotz, and their upcoming split with Fondlecorpse among other things. These guys have been playing death/grind for awhile now and are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. 

FF: If you can please explain to the readers a bit about the history of the band.

Rico Unglaube: Yes I can. Goregast has his origin in 1993, under the name of DISTRESS. 2 demos were released in the mid 90's, then in 1997 or 1998 we put the band on ice. In 2004, the band was heated again with some new musicians. Therefore, we change the name into GOREGAST. 2006 the first album, "Viva el Animal", 2007 "La Revancha" and now number 3 "Desechos Humanos". Our current line up: Torge Ließmann on drums, Rico Krause and Steve Kleinert on guitars, Ronny Thiel on bass and me, Rico Unglaube on vox.

FF: What made you want to start the project back up after seven years?

Unglaube: In 2004 the former guitarist, later bassist Jörn Böttcher called the band back to life and asked if I
want to sing again. I had nothing better to do, so I said yes.

FF: The new album is being put out from your record label F.D.A. Rekotz. Do you plan on putting out future Goregast releases on your label as well?

Unglaube: Principle yes, a label will always work with a good band will always hold the band. But if a bigger
label makes a better offer, if the band can achieve more, then I do not mind when there are elsewhere Goregast releases in future.But next year comes a split with the great dutch Death Metal clan FONDLECOPRSE out on FDA Rekotz.

FF: How has the response to the new album been so far?

Unglaube: The album will be released in 2 weeks so there's not so much response yet, so far some reviews and interviews are flown in, from different countries. Each one very good, full points or almost full points and a lot of warm words! An absolutely fantastic start.We are very pleased.

FF: Do you have a personal favorite track from the new album? Whether it be one you had lots
of fun making or one you just enjoy the most.

Unglaube: The favorite songs are changing again and again. But personally at most I like the rotten old school death metal songs as "Desechos Humanos" or "Honor The Dead". We have a good mix of fast and
slow songs, something for everyone. For example "Puerco de Dinero" is a fast, brutal Grindcore crusher, also one of my favorites. You see, somehow I like everything.

FF: Have you had a chance to play any of the new songs live yet?

Unglaube: We have played most of the songs live to see the reactions of audience. They were well. Since last week we have a new drummer, who will now be incorporated first. Up from late October/ early
November, we can play the entire album and previous albums on the stage again.

FF: Does the album have any reoccurring lyrical themes? And what does Desechos Humanos
translate to in English?

Unglaube: "Desechos Humanos" means "Human Waste". The whole album is about human disease. The songs are about many things that affect people. Sadists, murderers, boring workerholics, rapists, etc..
Every song is about a different theme, but overall, everything relates to the human disease.

FF: Having three albums finished now do you feel the writing process has gotten any easier?

Unglaube: The songwriting is even more easily from album to album. But we select much more. Songs that we do not want to take on the album, we throw away. Quality rather than quantity.

FF: During the track "The Boozer" there appears to be a little tribute to the band Cancer, or are
my ears just decieving me?

Unglaube: The text is about a drunkard, he's suffering from cancer. When I wrote the text, I also remember to Cancer's C.F.C. and thought that it could be viewed as a kind of Cancer tribute. I have nothing
against it, because I like the early Cancer very much.

FF: Are there any plans for a tour after the album drops?

Unglaube: Hopefully we play festival shows next year and a tour through Spain in spring and later also one
through Germany. We are more than open to play everywhere.

FF: Since the band reformed years back there has been very few lineup changes, is being in
Goregast a pretty laid back experience?

Unglaube: As we have found again in 2004, were Me and Joern, the only founding members. Rico K., Josch
and Steve played in a other band before. Joern left the band in 2005 and was replaced by Ronny. 2 months ago, Josch the drummer left the band after 7 years and was now replayced by Torge. But you're right, I could say we have a stable line up over the years.

FF: Thanks for the interview, is there anything you'd like to add?

Unglaube: Thanx for the interview, for your interest in GOREGAST, thanx for your support ! All the best for
you and your Zine !! Everybody who's interested in our new album, in the band or whatever can write to or visit us on Facebook or . Also check out our
record label:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beyond the Dunwich Horror/Pretty Dead Things double feature

This is a double feature that contains two films from low budget director Richard Griffin. Many fans of independent film may recognize some of his other efforts like Necroville (he co-directed) and Nun Of That. He has created a little buzz in the horror scene for awhile now and has received his fair share of praise and hate. Unlike many other independent filmmakers Griffin doesn't get lazy with the camera and actually makes some pretty ambitious films.

The Films:

Beyond the Dunwich Horror


The first film in this double feature is Beyond the Dunwich Horror. This is based off an HP Lovecraft tale and the film attempts to tell the story in a modern setting. Surely some people facepalm at the thought of a low budget HP Lovecraft retelling but Griffin actually has a surprisingly good film on his hands here. It's also very cool to see a few nods to the great Italian filmmakers and just Italian horror in general (all the way down to the soundtrack actually).

The film takes place on the island of Dunwich where Kenny is in pursuit to get his brother Andrew out of a psych ward. Upon arriving to the island Kenny is hit on by a woman who soon reveals herself as Marsha, a local reporter. It turns out picking up women isn't so easy and she is just after Kenny to help her get to the bottom of things in Dunwich (in other words, get her story). She targets Kenny because there has been a recent spike in murders in the area and there is a possibility that his brother might be put away for them.

There are many good things going on in this film. The main thing that sucked me into the story was the scene were Andrew is asleep and gets seduced by Nikki. This scene kind of works as a change of pace for the movie and really kicks things into gear in terms of getting the story across. Luckily the humor never leaves and there isn't a moment were the film takes itself too seriously. That being said some of the attempts at humor fall flat but for the most part they work, and on a sidenote, if there really is a band called Suicide Pudding I might just die of laughter.

The gore in this film is good when it comes into play and there is plenty of eye violence to go around, but for the most part the film builds off of humor and suspense. Though one of the scenes does get pretty nasty, I won't go into a large amount of detail but it starts with a man about to get it on with a woman, and another man is in the room, and it ends with one of the men very upset in the shower bleeding (real headscratcher, huh?).

Overall Beyond the Dunwich Horror is an excellent flick even with the flaws. If there is one thing that can be said about Griffin's films it would be that they all flow without flaw. He keeps you entertained from beginning to end and there is always plenty of positive things going on to outweigh the negative.

Pretty Dead Things

Who knew toothpicks could be so dangerous!!!

Pretty Dead Things was made a few years before Beyond the Dunwich Horror but in all honesty it is executed just as well, if not better. Don't get me wrong, both films have their pros and cons but this one definitely stuck with me a tad more. The film has a fairly simple plot that fuses two things together, vampires and porn. When thinking about it a solid portion of the vampire genre is driven by sex. The idea of vampires getting in the porno industry isn't too farfetched and it would most likely make getting blood a hell of alot easier.

The one thing that makes this film work so well is the humor. For the most part the funny moments here are more effective than the ones in Beyond the Dunwich Horror. Many of the gags here are reminiscent of something Troma would put out (speaking of Troma a familiar face from Poultrygeist is in this). For a low budget flick the acting is very good. Throughout the film you will see some familiar faces from the other film in the set and it is clear that Griffin knows who he likes to work with.

Overall Pretty Dead Things is one of the best vampire films I've seen in a long time. Not once during viewing this did I find myself saying "Damn this is low budget!". The minimal budget never shows and it is clear that plenty of hard work was put into the making of this. Both the films in this set put Griffin's talent on display and they are some of his best films to date. It will be interesting to see what he puts out in the future and as long as the quality is up to par with these two flicks I'll be riding along for the long haul.

Both of the movies have a commentary track.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

PERVERSITY To Release New Album Via Lavadome Productions In August - Sample And Details Revealed

 Lavadome productions is proud to announce the signing of Slovakian Death Metal marauders, PERVERSITY, for the release of band's upcoming fourth album, "Ablaze", due out on August 31, 2011.

“Ablaze” is about to prove what PERVERSITY's revitalized and exhilarating line-up is capable of. An intro plus nine tracks deliver skillfully executed, unrelentingly bludgeoning death metal that’s true to the obscurity of the underground. The music stands on its own as a collection of original, authentic sonic assaults, but fans of Incantation, old Sinister, and all who love to sink their teeth into complex death metal brutality will take notice where it’s all coming from.

You can check out the album’s cover art right now, and a track from the album, “Merciless Messiah”, is available for streaming or download from PERVERSITY’s Bandcamp page at following location:

Both PERVERSITY and Lavadome truly look forward to working together under one flag, dedicated to transmitting the band’s Death Metal message to those who still care and believe in what death metal was, is, and will be.

More info:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Regurgitation- Clitoraldectomy

Regurgitation is a brutal death metal band from Ohio. They formed back in 1994 but their amount of output would suggest otherwise. The band only has one full-length to this date. Clitoraldectomy is their last release since their 1999 album Tales Of Necrophilia. This was originally a demo but it didn't see an official release until Comatose got the chance to put it out this year. Clitoraldectomy consists of four brutal tracks along with a particularly badass Suffocation cover.

This release pummels the listener and never lets up in the slightest. The guitar playing is very precise and there are even a few killer solos thrown in for good measure. There are only a couple of really heavy "beatdown" moments featured on this release and for the most part it just goes full speed ahead. Really the fretwork here is fairly diverse and there are plenty of different techniques being used in the short runtime to keep the listener more than entertained. The bass can be made out a good portion of the time and we even get a brief bass solo during the title track.

The mixing on this release leaves a little bit to be desired. The drums overpower pretty much everything else and at times it can take its toll on the overall listening experience, nothing too serious though. The vocal styles used here range from deep gutturals to some rough sounding screams. The raspy vocals that were used frequently on the previous album also make a few appearances on this release along with some standard death metal growls. In the end Baxter shows a pretty solid range and holds down in the vocal department.

Overall if you are in search of straight up brutality Clitoraldectomy has more than enough to offer you. Regurgitation spent the time between the release of Tales Of Necrophilia and this tightening up their sound as much as possible and the end result is awesome. Fans of brutal death metal should check this one out as well as fans of the band's previous full-length. Fans of the previous full-length should be warned that the sound displayed here is alot cleaner than what was shown on Tales Of Necrophilia. A second full-length titled Cliterctomy is planned to be released in the future but whether it will released as a Regurgitation album or a Necrotic Disgorgement album is unsure.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marc Broude- Pathological Warfare

Psychological Warfare is a two track single from Marc Broude. On this release he takes a stab at industrial metal and I can't say I'm disappointed with the outcome. The single clocks in at just over eleven minutes and within this time plenty of depth is shown. The way Broude takes a few very simple elements and manages to make them so effective is pretty damn impressive.

The guitar tone is nice and thick, especially on "God Smacker" which almost comes off a bit sludgy at first. The riffs are extremely one dimensional but for the most part they work well and do an excellent job complementing the electronic tinges that are spread throughout. The crushing feel that "God Smacker" has gives it the edge over the other track that shares a spot on this release. The song is overwhelmingly catchy and can be listened to multiple times in one sitting without loosing any of its edge. The vocals are drenched in distortion and add to the overall aggressive vibe the tracks strive to achieve. This aspect of the release would probably work better if they didn't appear as often, with how often vocals are being thrown out at you it does, at times, seem to be a bit over the top.

Overall these two tracks are a nice taste of what Broude might have in store in the future. It definitely leaves me wanting to hear more of his dark take on the industrial metal sound. Fans of industrial should find something they enjoy here. Also anyone looking for metal that almost puts you in a trance should give this one a listen. This has me looking forward to seeing what Marc Broude will put out next and may just be enough to get me to explore a genre that I'd never really been too interested in (aside from the well known names) before.

Sikfuk- Shitfisted Superman... The Man Of Stool

Sikfuk is a one-man band that formed back in 2001. This is the third full-length from Nikfuk's sick little project. For those unaware, Sikfuk plays a very brutal style of music that is referred to as "tardgrind". A few demos and a split have been released by him too. Needless to say Nikfuk has been in the game for awhile now and has had his fair share of time to sculpt Sikfuk's vomit worthy sound. Just like any other Sikfuk release you will be bombarded with hilarious samples and gross song titles. Also the booklet for the album has a special piece of nastiness drawn up for each track.

The guitar playing is groovy as hell from start to finish as usual. For the most part the chaotic feel that Teabagged At Birth had is missing on this release, but the slams are just as catchy as before and match the rhythm of the vocals almost flawlessly. The guitar tone used on the album isn't as thick very thick. This kind of takes some of the impact out of the slams that are almost constant. It doesn't detract too much from the overall quality but it wouldn't hurt if the tone was beefed up more on the next release.

Nikfuk has some of the most vile sounding gutturals ever recorded. His vocals bring images of shit and other bodily fluids to mind almost immediately. The burps are delivered with an infectious rhythm. They just fit perfectly, I couldn't picture any other style being used here. As with most of the one-man brutal death bands out there Sikfuk does feature a drum machine. In this albums case it isn't a make or break situation, the drum programming is actually pretty believable and well done.

Overall this "oozing, dripping shit, spackeled piece of shit" is good in my book. A fair warning to people who have yet to experience Sikfuk, try before you buy, this isn't going to be everyones thing. In fact a good portion of people will probably find everything about this album completely repulsive, disgusting, and unlistenable. Fans of Sikfuk should have a good time with this though, with that being said this doesn't top their last album Teabagged At Birth. In all honesty in the end fans will get the same disgusting, scat inducing brutal death/tardgrind they have come to expect from Sikfuk.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Interview with Ken Padilla of Impaled Offering

Impaled Offering is a three piece band from New Mexico that plays a sickening blend of grind, death metal, and black metal. They were just recently signed to Pathologically Explicit Records and they plan on putting out their debut full-length soon. In this interview we discuss the history of the band, DIY merch, and many other things with the band's guitarist Kenneth Padilla.

Foul Feast: How did Impaled Offering come about?

Ken Padilla: Impaled Offering came about, shortly after I saw Ben Segural(Drums) Playing with his old band Virulency. I was extremely impressed with his skills, weeks after that show, he left Virulency. Right away I got in contact with him. The 1st time we jammed was at my friend Dom Dimas of Torture Victims house after a Warbringer show, we just messed around with random jams to test one another out, the guys from Warbringer thought we had been a band for a while, that basically told us we had something and to continue jamming, shortly after we picked up Joseph Chavez on Bass and Vocals. Joseph picked up the songs quickly and was more than a perfect fit. Thus Spawning Impaled Offering

FF: You guys recently got signed to Pathologically Explicit Recordings, how do you feel Impaled Offering fits in with the rest of their roster?

Ken Padilla: Well that's a hard one cause ,now we have to prove our work, due to the wicked line up Pathologically Explicit records contains , I mean fucken Gortuary is on it, Flesh Throne, Iniquitous(mike smith of Suffocation drums for them), Human Rejection and more............ I guess the way we do differ is we are the only Progressive blacken Deathgrind band on the label.

FF: How long had you been together before the label picked you up? And had you guys been in contact with any other labels before this?

Ken Padilla: We where a active band for about 9 months before we got picked up, so it was a pretty quick process from being local to signed ,Especially for a New Mexico band, not many labels look this way. Yeah we did send a lot of facebook links and demos out to various labels, the only one that actually talked to us 1st was Severad Records, but it didnt go through. Maybe a month later we contacted Pathologically Explicit Recs and Fernando offered us the deal. All I gotta say is thanks to the awesome extreme scene we are part of, all the cool peeps we have networked , or worked with. Without such a down to earth scene we would have never got so many fans and friends in such a short time.

FF: In the past you guys have made your own merch, now that you are on a label is that going to change or are you going to keep going the DIY route?

Ken Padilla: Our merch sich was crazy and still is at the moment, we just made a one color screen printer and printed very limited shirts and patch’s(and now our screen printers dead), so we will be getting merch help from the label, and hope to have merch on the labels site and at shows soon. I believe we will continue doing a lot on our own once we get more revenue

FF: How has the demo been received so far?

Ken Padilla: So far we haven’t got any thing but awesome feedback on it, and none of the feedback has been negative so far, the only thing we personally where not happy with was the quality of the recording, but it gets the idea out for now

FF: It's clear when listening to the demo that you guys aren't afraid to break barriers and you can't really be boxed into one particular genre. Is this something that plays a role in the writing process for Impaled Offering or does it just come naturally?

Ken Padilla: Well its a bit of both sometimes, due to the riff, tempo ,and genre changes. The riff writing itself comes naturally , putting the puzzle together that’s the more involved process. The way we approach every song is by not letting any riff sound the same or even use the same patterns, make sure it flows, and never repeating riffs in a song. I also have had a philosophy for a while, on the sound I want to create, I believe death metal should create chasms of sound that replicate transcending life and death , it's chaotic and savage but at the same time contains a certain elegance. So it's not just about being brutal, our writing style calls for a certain amount macabre, dissonant and tech tones.

FF: The plan is to have your first full-length out in 2012 according to the labels site. Has the writing process for the album started yet?

Ken Padilla: The album itself is ready to go to the studio, besides two songs in need of lyrics, we plan on releasing an album with 7 fully written songs, 5 on the spot grind tracks(we play 4 made up on the spot grind tracks every show to involve fans and friends on vocals), and 3 sound scape tracks. The only thing holding us back now the money to go record in a real studio, we plan on recording either at Arcane Studios in Arizona, or the the studio Noisear recorded Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

FF: Within your short time together you have already had a chance to share the stage with some brutal bands, is there any show that comes to mind that stood out the most?

Ken Padilla: I helped Cephalic Carnage run their Vapor fest 2011 in ABQ , due to the fact that they had to cancel coming down, and it was awesome meeting Disgorge US, and Rottenness of Mexico, there where also 7 other local acts on it that all killed it. But in general House party’s are the funnest to play cause they're so personal, and the energy’s right there in your face.

FF: Is the metal scene down in New Mexico strong?

Ken Padilla: The New Mexico scene is starting to build up, but it is still very weak. We have some wicked bands out here (Noisear, Torture Victim, Suspended, Dread, Laughing Dog, Intoxicated,Echoes of Fallen, Daemonius) and a hand full more, the bands mentioned back each other as much as possible. But the problem with New Mexico is a lot of bands say they wanna do it but don’t put in the effort, or make contacts, and also hate on every other band in town instead of making a strong scene

FF: Is doing a tour after the full-length release something you could see happening?

Ken Padilla: Yes we really want to get one going, at the moment our friend Joe Tapia bassist/vocalist of Noisear (Relapse Rec) wants to help us book a tour in the summer of 2012, due to the tons of huge bands and venues the guy knows . He has been a huge help in getting us connects and a great mentor to me personally, so I send mad props out to him, he will also be doing guest vocals on the album.

FF: Are any of the members of Impaled Offering in other bands that are active at the moment?

Ken Padilla: At the moment no, but we do play and listen to a vast variety of genres outside the the Extreme scene, just to keep our mind fresh and creative, such as jazz(not elevator)Folk,Classic rock, Bluegrass,Underground hip hop, World musics, Classical ect................

FF: Any final thoughts?

Ken Padilla: Just want to say support your local bands, the scene , throw any deathcore albums you may own in the trash , and pick up some real shit, grind, crust, punk, thrash, death metal, doom, metal, black metal ect.... get out to shows staying at home and just buying albums don’t support touring bands or the scene in general. Also shout out to all the Tyrants we hang with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Face of Oblivion- The Embers of Man

Face of Oblivion is a technical death metal band from Minnesota. The band formed in 2009, that same year they released a three song demo. Two years later (now) they are back to bring their brutality to the masses with their first full-length from Comatose Music. The record clocks in at thirty minutes total and the band shows no sign letting up throughout the entire listening experience. Right from the start it is easy to think that you are about to sit through another average slam record but about a minute in the track takes a turn into chaos and the first impression is set.

Both Hensley and Bohlman hold it down in terms of the fretwork featured here. The playing is water tight throughout and even with the crazy complex playing they know how to craft an actual song. At no point does this come off as an all out wankfest. These guys definitely have chops but they also have the ability to hold back and create something that is actually cohesive. One of the best things about this album is the bass. It is completely audible the entire time and if Cole Gunthers playing doesn't get your full attention, you're dead. The bass being so loud in the mix gives the album a very frantic feeling. This is extremely noticeable during the fast moments on the record. Each hit of bass hits you like an adrenaline rush when these sections show up.

The vocalist sticks to two styles for the most part. He has a very low guttural and some vicious highs. Neither approach is anything groundbreaking but he does his part and delivers the vocals with power. Being familiar with some of his work with other bands in the past though, I got what I expected, a badass, brutal performance. There are also a few awesome "chanty" moments on here, the first track is the most noteworthy. Ogar has a very interesting drumming approach on this album and refrains from the constant blasting you typically hear in the genre. A good portion of his playing is rather slow and then he hits with sudden bursts of speed. It makes the listening experience fresh and he most definitely deserves credit for not going the lazy route.

Many people complain that the technical brutal death style is very dull and boring, and a good portion of the time I would have to agree. On many of these releases the playing is amazing but after awhile it grows old and it seems they are just showing off rather than creating quality tracks. This is NOT the case with The Embers of Man. These tracks have ridiculous replay value, and even getting to the point where I know the album like the back of my hand I still find myself headbanging just as enthusiastically as I was the first time I gave it a listen.

Overall Face of Oblivion is dressed to impress on their debut. It wouldn't be a surprise at all to see these guys get a wide following soon, they have an excellent sound going here and I can't see any reason why fans of technical/brutal death metal wouldn't dig this. Highly recommended for fans of technical death metal and/or brutal death metal.