Thursday, February 3, 2011

Horror Hospital

Horror Hospital is a schlock filled horror fest from the 70's featuring everything you could ever want in a movie. The movie begins with Jason bumping into a young woman named Judy while on his way to a health resort that goes by the name Brittlehouse Manor. After a little sweet talk (aka: "No need to get uptight, I'm not gonna rape you!") Jason discovers they are heading to the same place so they join each other on the trip. When Jason and Judy get to their destination they discover the health resort is more than it seems and Dr. Storm is actually turning unknowing patients into zombie slaves. 

The movie features a colorful cast of characters including a dwarf, a giant slimy creature, and a group of zombie biker henchmen, and the lovely 70's cheese is given in good doses. Quite a bit of blood is shed as well. One of the main weapons used in the film is a Rolls Royce that decapitates anything that crosses the Brittlehouse Manor with it's gigantic mounted blade. 

Horror Hospital is truly an outlandish, trippy classic that has to be seen to be believed. So many laughs can be found within this flick. One of the main highlights has to be when Freddy the dwarf stacks up the unconscious guards to climb onto them so that he is high enough to unlock a cell door, and after watching it will be a long time, if ever, before you are able to forget the biker beatdown scene. Even with all the cheese that ensues Horror Hospital maintains a fairly creepy atmosphere that certainly adds a great deal to the charm the film has.

Overall: 8/10
Gore: 5/10
Kills: 6/10

Horror Hospital remains to be one of the many underrated classic horror films from the 70's. It's up there with I Drink Your Blood in cheesy quality and it is probably my favorite British horror film from that decade. Remember when going into the film not to take it too seriously but I think most can enjoy this and while watching it is hard to deny that Horror Hospital just has a certain charm that makes it an incredibly enjoyable watch. They don't make them like this anymore!

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