Friday, February 4, 2011

Scaremaker- Grim Reaping MCD

Scaremaker returns after their release of the Burning Inquisition tape and their first full-length with their latest effort Grim Reaping. The band plays a straightforward form of horror drenched death metal that is bound to have gorehounds and metalheads alike headbanging. If the music content is half as good as the cover art this is bound to slay on every level.

The album opens "Midnight Requiem", one of the three instrumental tracks that would fit perfectly in any 70's or 80's horror flick. When listening to "Lachrymarum" it is hard not to see visions of Phantasm or Warlock Moon in your head, Scaremaker just manages to create the vibe that was featured in the soundtracks of the cult classics we all know and love. After hearing the three tracks of this style on Grim Reaping I'd love to hear the band do a score for a good old fashioned slasher. The melodies are very memorable and add to the overall melancholic sounds that Scaremaker puts out. These tracks manage to capture an eerie buildup that works perfect in countering the chaotic extreme tracks that are featured on the release.

Speaking of extreme, when the title track kicks things off it hits you like a brick to the face. The heavy tracks included here are very brief and thrashy. The overall sound of Grim Reaping is quite a bit more brutal than what we heard on "What Evil Have They Summoned...". Elektrokutioner really beats his kit into submission throughout the playtime of Grim Reaping.

Many people don't seem to take notice that Scaremaker is a female fronted band. It is hard to believe that Arch Enemy's vocalist gets so much attention when you hear the chops on Vanessa. These are truly some of the most sinister sounding vocals to grace the modern death metal scene and on every release she proves that she can hang with the best of the in terms of harsh vocals and on top of that on "What Evil Have They Summoned..." she even pulls off some great sounding cleans. Vanessa easily makes the cut for one of the most underrated vocalists in extreme metal today.

Upon purchase of Grim Reaping you are officially a member of the Scaremaker fanclub. Scaremaker is one of the few bands that is bringing back the old school aesthetic to their releases by throwing in exclusive patches, stickers, posters, and in this case they even threw their first cassette demo into the mix on this record. The demo has a very raw and filthy sound that any fan of old school death metal should dig. Hopefully the band will release more things in this format, it is the perfect method to display their straightforward, balls-out approach of death metal. Put this on your to get list.

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