Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rocka Rollas- Promo 2011

Rocka Rollas play a powerful brand of balls out heavy metal. It is obvious to see where the band draws influence from the instant the music hits and while in many situations this may be a con it works in this bands favor. Rocka Rollas play a style that nearly everyone is familiar with and they incorporate just enough fun into their music that it really isn't important whether what they are doing is groundbreaking or not.

First things first for a promo this has a very crisp, fitting sound. It is clear when listening (Especially when the first solo on "Heavy Metal Kings" hits) that the band has chops and the writing ability to back it up. Not a single riff used seems like filler or just a last minute slap on to beef up the playtime. This is a straightforward, no fat release. The lyrics read like a love letter to heavy metal. Many will find this aspect very cheesy but it suits the music being played quite well. The catchiness spreads like wildfire and during the first listen you will find yourself chanting along with the vocalist. The vocalist is excellent just like everything else featured here. Expect some nice sounding falsettos and lots of chorus gang chants.

In many ways the band reminds me of Judas Priest and a slightly less vicious Overkill. The fretwork here is immaculate. They definitely know the perfect time to shred the listeners face up while not taking it too far and taking away from the track. The riffs are ridiculously infectious and in many ways this is a guitar driven release. The playing is extremely tight throughout and the speeds stay at a consistently fast pace.

Overall Rocka Rollas sound exactly like one would expect. They play their style in an excellent manner and are definitely show enough potential that it is more than obvious that they can hold their own with the big names of the genre. This is one of those simple heavy metal releases that just makes you want to bang your head and have a good time. Highly recommended to fans of heavy metal. Just be warned that if you face does happen to melt while this is playing the band is in no way responsible and you must pay all of your own hospital bills. That is all.

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