Thursday, March 3, 2011


Interplanetary follows a group of employees of Interplanetary Corporation. The group calls Mars there home and they are paid to be there but many questions are raised when it seems they are there for nothing. They spend most of their days sitting around, banging one another, and well... that's about it, that is, until Wil discovers the body of what appears to be proof that we are not alone in the universe. From that point on things only get worse for the Interplanetary Corporation.

Shortly after making this discovery he creates a video showing off his find and gives his contact info for anyone interested in making a movie about the events (CHACHING!!) and it ends up getting sent to ANN (a major news company). Soon the team is bombarded with many unanswered questions and the fact that they aren't the only humans on the rock. After discovering that there building isn't the only of it's kind on Mars they find an alien creature that may mark the end of human life on Mars permanently. As time goes by it is hard for the good guys to know who to trust, and it begins to seem like shit might hit the fan.

The movie blends a dry sense of humor filled with cheesy jokes with a fun, gory horror story. It will have you laughing from start to finish and not a moment goes by where you aren't wondering what is going to happen next. According to the HorrorTalk the film is "part Alien, part Office Space" which really isn't too far off. Not many flicks can intertwine comedy with a serious plot in a cohesive way but Interplanetary manages to pull it off in every way possible. It isn't often that one sees an independent scifi film surface most likely due to the fact that making a film of this genre is difficult to achieve with a low budget (it's hard to make your backyard look like Mars). Luckily Interplanetary does an excellent job and the setting looks great. Most of the gore looks pretty good even though a few scenes leave a little to be desired.

Overall Interplanetary is just a fun, hilarious scifi romp that will have even the biggest haters of independent cinema cracking a smile. I watched this film with a group of people who normally despise anything that doesn't have high box office credibility and they loved it on the same level as a cheese fan like myself. Highly recommended for fans of scifi and horror, or even for someone just looking for a laugh. It is clear that director Chance Shirley and his crews work very hard on these flicks and it comes across while watching. Shirley is without a doubt an individual that fans of the genre need to keep an eye on.

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