Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview With Thor of Kelkum!

A short but sweet interview with the man behind the black metal project Kelkum. We discuss the band's history, future plans, and the new label owned by Thor and the other half of Lys, Vyhladit!

Foul Feast: How did Kelkum begin?

Thor: Around August 2008, I decided maybe I could try to start my own project. I figured Burzum and Xasthur could do it, so why couldnt I?

FF: So far your releases have ranged from being limited to 10 to 100. Is there any reason aside from cost that play a factor in such a low number of copies being made?

Thor: I dont consider my music to be for everyone. Only a selective few will listen to it.

FF: In a few words give your best desciption of your music.

Thor: Nihilistic Black Metal.

FF: Is there anything in particular that fuels the writing process for you?

Thor: Not really. Last year around this time though, I was really into Depressive Black Metal, so there might have been something then, but Ive never been one to have to have inspiration to write something/do something. Yeah, I had inspiration to start Kelkum, but when it comes to writing, it's a personal thing. Sometimes I might grab my guitar and sit with it in my hands for hours before I decide to play anything. When you're making Black Metal, you're not doing it to make money and become famous, but to express your ideologies in your music. You dont just grab a guitar, act like you know how to play it and strum repeatedly like you wanna be the next Randy Rhoads, you have to let the music come to you. I dont write that much, so when an idea comes to me, I record it then. I get what I want out of it then, so then later on, when I have all of these ideas, I can mix them together to make a song, whether it be a long song, or a short song. Drums, eh.... For drums, I usually dont care if they're on time, or off. Big deal, its not like its going to matter that much. The mistakes arent mistakes. It's the way I wanted the song to sound. EVERYTHING you hear from Kelkum is the way I heard it in my head, and the way I wanted it to sound.

FF: Tell us a little about how you feel Kelkum has evolved since it's inception in 2008.

Thor: When it formed in 2008, I didnt want to be Deprssive Black Metal, or anyother sub-genre of Black Metal. It was just traditional Black Metal. I started exploring around in other forms of it until I found a style that fit. I got bored with Depressive Black Metal really easily, and moved on the exploring once more. I think, though, that Ive found a style that best fits me. Quality was never a big issue to me. As long as the drums, guitars and vocals are audible, thats all I need.

FF: Are there any future releases that you have planned?

Thor: I have a demo recorded right now that Im going to release soon. And Ive been working on a few more songs as well. A little different from any other demo, so you can expect something new. As you can tell, I dont stick to the same style twice, its always changing.

FF: What are some of the lyrical themes you deal with?

Thor: Well, Im not good at writing lyrics. I have a few old DSBM songs that have lyrics that I never released that Im thinking about releasing on a compilation tape soon. So, when I actually used to write lyrics, they were mainly Depressive things, ect. For the demo I need to release now, I had my good friend Vyhladit of Lys write lyrics for me.

FF: If you were to find any other like minded musicians would you consider expanding Kelkum into a full band project?

Thor: Eh.... No. There's a few reasons to that as well. Kelkum was formed so I could put my ideas into music. Again, I figured Burzum and Xasthur could do it, why couldnt I? So, if other members were to join, it wouldnt be MY ideas anymore, it would be theirs as well. When Im in the music making process, for Kelkum and RazoR at least. Kelkum was meant to be a one-man thing. Thats why me and Vyhladit formed Lys, we are both like-minded musicians, have a lot of the same influences, and the same music taste. Kelkum will never turn into a full band. It will only ever be me.

FF: Any final thoughts?

Thor: Check out me and Vyhladit's record label: http://nihilisticwinter.webs.com/
Look out for the new Kelkum demo, expect to hear some old Kelkum material released soon as well.
Also look out for new Nihilistic Winter releases!

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