Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview with King Fowley of Deceased!!!

We were lucky enough to score an interview with drummer/vocalist of Deceased. Deceased have been slaying metalheads for well over 20 years and are without a doubt one of the most consistent bands in the scene today. We discuss the bands first full-length release since 2005 which will be released on the bands personal label Shrieks From the Hearse Records.

Foul Feast: The upcoming Surreal Overdose will mark your first full-length release
since 2005. How did the album come together?

King Fowley: We've been writing and arranging/deranging songs since about 2006 now. 5 years in the making. Things have changed for the better. One good thing about taking alot
of time on a record is you learn the parts and build off them. After
many issues and setbacks here we are stronger than ever!!!

FF: You've been in the scene now for well over two decades now. Are there
any tips you can give to some of the newer bands on how to stay
relevant for such a long amount of time?

KF: Be yourself. Do what fits you. Don't follow trends. Create music from the heart!!!!

FF: How would you say this album differs from past releases?

KF: It's got all of our hearts in it as always. Musically it's very wide ranged and the
songs all stand on their own. The production is strong and the bands
playing is very good on this. It's not far removed from past stuff.
it's deceased 2001~

FF: The new album has some of the most intriging artwork I've seen in
quite some time. Explain a little about how this ties into the overall
theme of the album.

KF: It really just shows how lots of things of both good and bad can be going on around you all the time. Death and insanity are as close to you as life and happiness.

FF: With this release you are bringing longtime live member Shane Fuegel
into the mix. Did he contribute at all to the writing process?

KF: He really kicked ass putting in his personality in the songs. He along
with Mike and I really fine tuned it all for the past half decade. His
playing is damn good and he's really been a good force for the

FF: When did you begin writing Surreal Overdose?

KF: 2006ish. But as I mentioned it's gone through so many changes and reworkings.

FF: Hell's Headbangers will be releasing a vinyl edition of the album. Is
it important to you to get all of your releases out on wax? Are you a
collector of vinyl yourself?

KF: Vinyl is something we all love. Good sound, bigger art, nice overall package. Yes indeed I've got a hell of a vinyl collection.

FF: Obviously you are a fan of horror, are there any horror writers or
film directors that you enjoy in particular?

KF: I love Pete Walker from the U.K, his films always have a quirk to 'em that stick with me!!! He's from the 70's and mid 80's!

FF: The CD will be put out on your own label Shrieks From the Hearse
Records, is this the first time a Deceased album has been released
through the label?

KF: We did the 'fearless undead machines' double cd as our debut with our label. This is the first 'new' cd we've done. It's all about moving at our pace!!

FF: You did a couple of splits back in 2008, are there any plans for
future splits?

KF: You never know. Alot were done to keep the name out there and keep us moving forward.

FF: How do you feel about the metal scene these days? Are there any bands
you find yourself listening to often?

KF: The scene is what it is. I still love the heavy metal old timers most but alot of cool bands out there doing their own thing. Keep an eye out for them all!

FF: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

KF: Thanks for the support! Look for the new record in May. upthetombstones.net is our website! kingdoomstone@yahoo.com is my email if anyone needs anything! Cheers and stay wild!!!!

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