Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autaric- Death Propaganda

Autaric is a four piece death metal band from Canada. The band formed back in 2007 and released their first demo in 2009. The four track demo was definitely worthy of quite a few replays and needless to say when I discovered there was a full-length in the works I had high hopes. Death Propaganda is far from a letdown, Autaric has improved in every single department that was lacking on the demo. This display of blistering death metal will leave you begging for more.

The writing on the album is excellent. Tracks like "Euthanizing The Enslaved" can only be described as flawless. It is clear that there was a great deal of effort put into this debut and it really paid off. Autaric's blazing take on death metal works as a blitzkrieg attack on all the listener's senses. The faint of heart should steer clear of this release, many bands may be labeled "extreme metal" these days but it is rare when you discover a band that is actually "extreme". In this bands case the only word that comes to mind to describe the overall sound would be extreme, plain and simple.

The guitarwork on Death Propaganda is well crafted. The band obviously isn't setting out to blow the listener's mind with pointless technicality, with this release they set out to make a good album and they succeeded in every way. The solos are nothing short of epic and when the riffs aren't dismantling you with surgical precision they are simply melting your face.

The vocals on the album are simple but effective. Some of the shrieks that are let out during the playtime are just plain ugly. Aside from the shrieks there is a fairly even amount of highs and lows.  Much like on the demo you will hear vocal layering in some sections quite effectively. The instances that Autaric decide to slow down are interesting. These moments don't pop up often but when they do they are memorable to say the very least. The epic creeping sound on "Scourge Of The Death King" is one of the best parts on this album filled with superb ideas.

Overall with the potential that was shown on the bands demo it isn't entirely surprising that this album kicks ass but by no means was it expected to be this good. This can sit proudly aside the other handful of debut albums that are of such high quality. If you are a fan of death metal it could be detrimental to your well being to not check this out, so do yourself a favor and do so. Be warned, it is recommended to have some pain killers on hand for after you finish.

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