Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pleasures of the Damned

 Pleasures of the Damned is another parody from none other than Dire Wit Films. Unlike Isle of the Damned Pleasures tells a tale of satanic bikers that end up bringing a zombie cult back from the dead. Much like Isle of the Damned the film greets you with plenty of ridiculous wigs and mustaches along will some of the worst dubbing you will ever witness. Prepare yourself for loads of hysterical and excessive moments, this is sure not to disappoint fans of the genre.

Pleasures of the Damned opens with a warning to the audience of the hideous things that you are about to witness. Shortly after we are greeted by Dr. Gregory Dean who tells us about the amazing new invention that is known as Psychovision. Those of you who have any problems with seizures should not view further because Psychovision polarizes your eyesight and will most likely blow your mind. The fictional story of director Antonio Giallo states that shortly after the premiere of Pleasures of the Damned he was charged with 17 counts of indecency and all of the film was presumed to be apprehended and destroyed by the Italian government.

The film follows private investigator Jack Steele who is on a mission to save Evelyn's brother Tommy from the ancient cult. Little does he know he may be the only thing that can end the curse that has been brought on by the satanic bikers. Armed with a wicked wig and mustache combo and the deep voice of a black man Steele plays the role of the badass in Pleasures of the Damned. In most cases Steele is a bad mother but he has a heart of gold and doesn't hesitate to try to get with the woman he is helping. Obviously Pleasures of the Damned is not a film for everyone but those interested in the old school art of grindhouse cheesefests will have their fair share of fun watching it. For the low budget the film had most of the gore is pretty good and the film has a fairly clear, crisp look (aside from the film age effect that is added throughout the movie).

Overall Pleasures of the Damned is the perfect movie to pop in when you are hanging out with a couple friends smoking or drinking any form of alcohol (hopefully it ain't no lady drink!). Dire Wit releases some of the funnest flicks around and you'd be doing yourself a solid by checking out this and Isle of the Damned (which make for a killer double feature). Hell, there is even a drinking game in the special features section.

Overall: 8.5/10
Gore: 7/10
Kills: 7/10

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