Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Isle of the Damned

 Isle of the Damned is a send up to the classic Italian cannibal films we all know and love. If you can't get enough cheese you should quickly jump away from the computer and find a copy of this film. Filled with enough taboo and fake mustaches to be any cheese connoisseurs wet dream Isle of the Damned is sure to make you laugh, cry, and leave you very sexually confused. Anyone even relatively familiar with some of the cannibal films of the 80's will find it difficult to not crack a smile while watching.

Isle of the Damned continues to follow the lost tapes of fictional director Antonio Giallo. Rather than focusing on satanic bikers the film takes place on an island infested with cannibals. We follow the badass private investigator Jack Steele on his journey searching for the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Tagging along with Steele is his adopted son Billy. Things take a turn when the cannibals show up and Steele is betrayed by Thompson who wants all the treasure for himself.

 Throughout the film you will be forced to witness many atrocities which include but are not limited to, the skull crushing of a baby, a penis being severed, cannibal sodomy, and many, many other acts of torture and pain. There is enough backdoor slamming featured in Isle of the Damned that it at times seems like the film takes place in a prison full of rapists rather than an island. The movie is extremely well made for the low production values, and it really manages to capture the vibe (with some added hilarity) of the films that inspired it.

Overall Isle of the Damned is one of the best spoofs that comes to mind. It's clear that the people involved are fans of the genre and are just doing what they love. Some may call this excessive and in a way it is but the cheese obsession within me can't help but enjoy every moment of it. Along with the hilarious film the special features take it all to the next level, featuring everything one could ask for, an interview with the fictional director's son Luigi and a very informative commentary from the man who did the dubbing of Jack Steele's voice. This is highly recommended for fans of the 70's and 80's cannibal flicks and people who enjoy bizarre film in general.

Overall: 9/10
Gore: 8/10
Kills: 9/10

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