Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sledgehammer Autopsy- The Art Of Bludgeoning Demo

Sledgehammer Autopsy is a two piece death metal band from Denver, Colorado. The band formed in 2007 and shortly after released their first demo entitled Mortician's Apprentice which received some decent reviews. The band was praised for the raw brutality they churned out on the demo but there was an obvious room for improvement. With The Art Of Bludgeoning Sledgehammer Autopsy has officially found their sound. Prepare yourself for a gory ride to hell and back.

The demo opens with a slow, doomy riff. It seems fairly simple but is a good way to open the face blasting that is about to occur. If someone were to listen to this demo having no info on when it was released there is no way they would guess 2010. The production makes this sound like an early 90's demo at the latest which, of course means this release is extremely raw and dirty sounding. The vocals on the album have a very barbaric quality. The range is pretty small and only two styles are really used, you have tons of animal like growls and the occasional vomit inducing scream. The animal like performance really adds to the brutality this demo pumps out at an alarming rate.

The guitar playing here is simple for the most part but there are plenty of memorable riffs. The tone used could use quite a bit more on the deep end because it doesn't really pack the punch that it should. Aside from that little issue there isn't much here that can be complained about. The playing is raw and filthy just like everything else on the release. There are many memorable moments spread throughout the demo but the most noticeable would have to be the slow down, build up section right before the two minute mark on "Smell Of Fear". Moments like this create an intense atmosphere and cause on of those "so good you can't help but smile" moments (as un-metal as that may sound).

Overall this demo should be a mandatory listen for those who are attempting to get that old school death metal sound. Sledgehammer Autopsy manages to capture that sound perfectly without sounding dull or uninspired. This has all the elements it needs to be a classic demo it just needs the audience to make it one. Those of you who can't handle raw demos such as this should probably steer clear but be warned that you are missing out. Highly recommended to all fans of death metal, just be aware that after listening you should make sure there is a shower near by, because after this filthy outing you're going to need one.

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