Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rocka Rollas- Promo 2011

Rocka Rollas play a powerful brand of balls out heavy metal. It is obvious to see where the band draws influence from the instant the music hits and while in many situations this may be a con it works in this bands favor. Rocka Rollas play a style that nearly everyone is familiar with and they incorporate just enough fun into their music that it really isn't important whether what they are doing is groundbreaking or not.

First things first for a promo this has a very crisp, fitting sound. It is clear when listening (Especially when the first solo on "Heavy Metal Kings" hits) that the band has chops and the writing ability to back it up. Not a single riff used seems like filler or just a last minute slap on to beef up the playtime. This is a straightforward, no fat release. The lyrics read like a love letter to heavy metal. Many will find this aspect very cheesy but it suits the music being played quite well. The catchiness spreads like wildfire and during the first listen you will find yourself chanting along with the vocalist. The vocalist is excellent just like everything else featured here. Expect some nice sounding falsettos and lots of chorus gang chants.

In many ways the band reminds me of Judas Priest and a slightly less vicious Overkill. The fretwork here is immaculate. They definitely know the perfect time to shred the listeners face up while not taking it too far and taking away from the track. The riffs are ridiculously infectious and in many ways this is a guitar driven release. The playing is extremely tight throughout and the speeds stay at a consistently fast pace.

Overall Rocka Rollas sound exactly like one would expect. They play their style in an excellent manner and are definitely show enough potential that it is more than obvious that they can hold their own with the big names of the genre. This is one of those simple heavy metal releases that just makes you want to bang your head and have a good time. Highly recommended to fans of heavy metal. Just be warned that if you face does happen to melt while this is playing the band is in no way responsible and you must pay all of your own hospital bills. That is all.

DRAIN- Nation At War Demo

DRAIN is a two piece metallic crust band from Maine. When thinking of Maine metal may not be the first thing that comes to mind but this duo churns out plenty of raw and grating tunes. Essentially the demo plays like a big, menacing melting pot of metal and punk subgenres. If anything here sounds even remotely appealing you will most likely be enjoying yourself for the next thirteen minutes.

The production on this release is very low quality in the same sense as something like, say, Darkthrone's "Transylvanian Hunger". It gives a very filthy vibe and adds a great deal of atmosphere to the overall sound. The playing is very simple but somehow still manages to forcefully grab hold of the listeners attention. If the demo did have an extremely polished sound it might not be as effective as it is. The lofi quality really gives it that extra push that it needs to stay interesting.

Tracks like "Created Equal" have a very standard main riff but it really captures that "epic" feel in such a way that is hard to describe. Hard to describe is something that may be frequently associated with Nation At War because at first glance it may seem fairly cookie cutter but upon further listening the melodies begin to sink in and it all comes together in a big way. Another strange thing about the demo is that even with the all of the rawness and the overwhelming distortion it comes out with an upbeat sound for the most part.

The vocals used here are typical for the style but they get the job done. The quality of them came out suprisingly well considering the fact that they were recorded on a phone. With that being said don't let the recording quality of this material detour you from giving this a chance. The only complaint that could really be given against the release is that just when the music begins to sink in it ends very abruptly. Obviously a first release isn't going to be an hour long epic piece, but hearing DRAIN play for a little over a half hour would be ideal.

Overall for a first effort DRAIN shows a ton of potential. This project is definitely one that metalheads and punks alike should keep an eye on. The gut is telling me that with a little polishing in a few departments these guys could come up with something amazing. Check this one out.

Link (Band Sanctioned): NATION AT WAR

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Absconder- Demo 2011

Absconder is a four piece death metal band from Illinois. The band formed in 2009 and this is their first release. One of the first things that is noticeable about the band is that it features the legendary Brad Buldak (from death metal gods Morgue) on bass and vocals. Luckily for Absconder this isn't the only good thing about the band, they also happen to play some badass death metal.

The first thing that will attract attention is the booming sound. The guitar tone is very thick and the bass is high in the mix, making this a very heavy unrelenting listen. The tone fits like a glove with the grim sound that is dealt and creates an atmosphere so raw that you can almost smell the stench of flesh when listening. The fretwork featured here is fairly simple. The focus remains on heavy rhythm and a great riffs throughout. The one thing that could make the band a bit more appealing in this department is cranking up the volume a little during the solos. It seems at times during a solo the playing gets drowned out by all of the other sounds.

Absconder definitely doesn't allow the listener a chance to breathe throughout the demo. Whether they are pounding you with a groove or shredding you face off there is always something to keep you interested. Not a dull moment occurs and just when it seems like the quality might be waning the track "Opportunistic Infection" hits. The track features that balls out "death n' roll" sound that so many bands fail horribly attempting to create, but in Absconder's case it works, and proves to be one of the highlights of the release. Another key factor on this demo is the length. It clocks in at just under twenty minutes. This gives the listener just enough time to process what the band is all about. After all is said and done it definitely leaves a nice string of drool dangling off the listeners lip. Until then you'll just have to wait and play this over and over until Absconder decides to churn out another release.

Overall this demo will slay everyone that crosses it's path, plain and simple. If there is one thing you can get out of this release it is the knowledge that Absconder will prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Don't go into this expecting Morgue, because this is a much more straightforward project. Fans of being beaten to the point at which their recognizable features turn to mush should enjoy this demo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sledgehammer Autopsy- The Art Of Bludgeoning Demo

Sledgehammer Autopsy is a two piece death metal band from Denver, Colorado. The band formed in 2007 and shortly after released their first demo entitled Mortician's Apprentice which received some decent reviews. The band was praised for the raw brutality they churned out on the demo but there was an obvious room for improvement. With The Art Of Bludgeoning Sledgehammer Autopsy has officially found their sound. Prepare yourself for a gory ride to hell and back.

The demo opens with a slow, doomy riff. It seems fairly simple but is a good way to open the face blasting that is about to occur. If someone were to listen to this demo having no info on when it was released there is no way they would guess 2010. The production makes this sound like an early 90's demo at the latest which, of course means this release is extremely raw and dirty sounding. The vocals on the album have a very barbaric quality. The range is pretty small and only two styles are really used, you have tons of animal like growls and the occasional vomit inducing scream. The animal like performance really adds to the brutality this demo pumps out at an alarming rate.

The guitar playing here is simple for the most part but there are plenty of memorable riffs. The tone used could use quite a bit more on the deep end because it doesn't really pack the punch that it should. Aside from that little issue there isn't much here that can be complained about. The playing is raw and filthy just like everything else on the release. There are many memorable moments spread throughout the demo but the most noticeable would have to be the slow down, build up section right before the two minute mark on "Smell Of Fear". Moments like this create an intense atmosphere and cause on of those "so good you can't help but smile" moments (as un-metal as that may sound).

Overall this demo should be a mandatory listen for those who are attempting to get that old school death metal sound. Sledgehammer Autopsy manages to capture that sound perfectly without sounding dull or uninspired. This has all the elements it needs to be a classic demo it just needs the audience to make it one. Those of you who can't handle raw demos such as this should probably steer clear but be warned that you are missing out. Highly recommended to all fans of death metal, just be aware that after listening you should make sure there is a shower near by, because after this filthy outing you're going to need one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Tobias Karlsson of Eructation!

It shouldn't be a big surprise that I was excited when I got the chance to interview Tobias. When looking at the name of the site (which is named after one of the three tracks on their 92' demo) or even if you've had a discussion about death metal with me (Eructation is almost always the first name I bring up) it is obvious that this band is one of my personal favorites. Recently Eructation posted four unreleased songs on their myspace page (link at the bottom of article) and though it might seem like a huge gap the quality of the tracks certainly makes up for it. Here we discuss the story of the band splitting, what the members have done since, and Tobias's excitement over the At the Gates tour among other things.

Foul Feast: So, first things first have you guys officially reformed?

Tobias Karlsson: No, we've not reformed. Me and Matti just met after many years recently and we've been talking about playing together again, I'm not sure it would be as Eructation.

FF: What made you decide to get the project going again after all these years?

TK: We noticed that during the period of 2008-2010 there was some "new" attention to the demo, it got some really good reviews on some sites and very good feedback on LastFM and so on. And it was Matti who called me up and asked me if we shouldn't try to "release" the other songs that never got released, so we decided to make a Myspace-page. It would have been a shame if other songs that were recorded never got released, even if it's rather late.

FF: Are you writing any new material at the moment?

TK: I know Matti have some new ideas for songs that would fit perfectly for Eructation, I've had the opportunity to listen to it and it sounds really good. Hopefully we get the chance to evolve this into something, Eructation or not.

FF: Did you ever get out and play any shows around the time you released the demo?

TK: We did get the chance to play some shows during that period, mainly locally around Gothenburg, which had a extremely good metal scene at that time with At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Ceremonial Oath etc. And we also got the chance to play support to At the Gates in 1993. Those guys are awesome, looking forward to their tour this summer!!

FF: How old were all the members when the band formed?

TK: The band formed way back in the late 80's, they were around 13-14 years old. And at that time they had a bass player named Daniel, and they mainly focused on playing Slayer and Metallica covers. I met them in 1990 when Daniel wanted to quit and they looked for a replacement. And by that time they had started to make their own music rather than playing covers and it was exactly my type of music.

FF: What caused the band to split?

TK: The main cause I guess was a disagreement in how or if the sound of the band should change or not. There were of course other personal reasons as well, but I guess this one mattered most.

FF: Have any of the members of the band taken part in any other musical projects?

TK: We all have been in other small musical projects, nothing which resulted in any releases or worth mentioning i guess.

FF: What had prevented you from releasing these new tracks you've posted? Why wait over a decade to have them released?

TK: At the time they were supposed to be released as an EP, we had discussions with a small recordlabel that were supposed to release it but they somehow changed their mind in the last minute. I've thought about releasing these tracks in some way later on, but didn't follow through. I don't think that we ever realized that the demo really did any "impact" until we read the new reviews. And maybe people appreciate the sound of the demo even more today than back then.

FF: The demo was released over 18 years ago and it still has quite a cult following, is it surprising to you how well those 3 songs have held up?

TK: Yeah..! I knew back then that we've done a short, but good demo. But that it would be mentioned with these positive words 18 years later..? Totally surprising. The feedback that we've received for the demo the last years have been unbelievable. And that's also the reason that we decided to release the additional songs as well.

FF: One of the things that makes the demo standout is the big role the bass plays in the sound. Is this something you worked to achieve or is it something that just came about during the recording?

TK: I would always pump up my amplifier to max, or put distortion on it and so on during rehearsal and gigs, so I guess this was "our sound", even if we didn't chase that extra carefully when we did the recording. And I guess that this was also one of the reasons that gave me the chance to play with Eructation in the first place.

FF: It wouldn't be far off to say that your music was ahead of it's time. How did you guys go about writing the demo? Was it a group effort of did each member write their own parts?

TK: Matti was writing the main parts of the songs, either by himself or together with Tobias on the drums. Then we would collaborate with the songs as a band, but Matti was the main song writer.And I always liked the fact that we didn't sound so much as the other bands around that time, but maybe that also held us back at the time being.

FF: With this resurgence of sorts with the old school death metal sound many of the unsung classics have been getting re-released and reissued. Have you ever considered releasing a compilation of old Eructation material?

TK: No not really. I think that we are satisfied with the MySpace-page for now. Maybe we should make it possible for people to download the "new" songs together with the demo in some way.

FF: How do you feel about the metal scene when comparing it to the early 90's?

TK: Well, you could never beat the feeling of the early 90's, especially when, as we were, you are in the middle of these extremely good bands that formed the "Gothenburg Sound" and the Stockholm based bands, Entombed, Dismember etc. etc. I'm constantly thrilled about all the new bands and genres that has evolved from the (death) metal scene, and has been ever since. But then again, nothing gets me more thrilled than a reunion tour with At the Gates at the moment. It will kick some ass

FF: What do you find yourself listening to these days?

TK: Of course the old stuff from the 90's and forward. Morbid Angel, Slayer, Death, At the Gates, Entombed etc. but I also love bands like Bleeding Through, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder. I've always said that as long as it has heart and aggression, I'll buy it!

FF: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

TK: First of all I would like to thank you for the interview and the fact that you've embraced the music we've done. And it's awesome that your webpage is named after our song!! If you get the chance to catch At the Gates tour this summer, don't miss it! Thanks!
/Tobias K - Eructation
Eructation's Myspace Page

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview with King Fowley of Deceased!!!

We were lucky enough to score an interview with drummer/vocalist of Deceased. Deceased have been slaying metalheads for well over 20 years and are without a doubt one of the most consistent bands in the scene today. We discuss the bands first full-length release since 2005 which will be released on the bands personal label Shrieks From the Hearse Records.

Foul Feast: The upcoming Surreal Overdose will mark your first full-length release
since 2005. How did the album come together?

King Fowley: We've been writing and arranging/deranging songs since about 2006 now. 5 years in the making. Things have changed for the better. One good thing about taking alot
of time on a record is you learn the parts and build off them. After
many issues and setbacks here we are stronger than ever!!!

FF: You've been in the scene now for well over two decades now. Are there
any tips you can give to some of the newer bands on how to stay
relevant for such a long amount of time?

KF: Be yourself. Do what fits you. Don't follow trends. Create music from the heart!!!!

FF: How would you say this album differs from past releases?

KF: It's got all of our hearts in it as always. Musically it's very wide ranged and the
songs all stand on their own. The production is strong and the bands
playing is very good on this. It's not far removed from past stuff.
it's deceased 2001~

FF: The new album has some of the most intriging artwork I've seen in
quite some time. Explain a little about how this ties into the overall
theme of the album.

KF: It really just shows how lots of things of both good and bad can be going on around you all the time. Death and insanity are as close to you as life and happiness.

FF: With this release you are bringing longtime live member Shane Fuegel
into the mix. Did he contribute at all to the writing process?

KF: He really kicked ass putting in his personality in the songs. He along
with Mike and I really fine tuned it all for the past half decade. His
playing is damn good and he's really been a good force for the

FF: When did you begin writing Surreal Overdose?

KF: 2006ish. But as I mentioned it's gone through so many changes and reworkings.

FF: Hell's Headbangers will be releasing a vinyl edition of the album. Is
it important to you to get all of your releases out on wax? Are you a
collector of vinyl yourself?

KF: Vinyl is something we all love. Good sound, bigger art, nice overall package. Yes indeed I've got a hell of a vinyl collection.

FF: Obviously you are a fan of horror, are there any horror writers or
film directors that you enjoy in particular?

KF: I love Pete Walker from the U.K, his films always have a quirk to 'em that stick with me!!! He's from the 70's and mid 80's!

FF: The CD will be put out on your own label Shrieks From the Hearse
Records, is this the first time a Deceased album has been released
through the label?

KF: We did the 'fearless undead machines' double cd as our debut with our label. This is the first 'new' cd we've done. It's all about moving at our pace!!

FF: You did a couple of splits back in 2008, are there any plans for
future splits?

KF: You never know. Alot were done to keep the name out there and keep us moving forward.

FF: How do you feel about the metal scene these days? Are there any bands
you find yourself listening to often?

KF: The scene is what it is. I still love the heavy metal old timers most but alot of cool bands out there doing their own thing. Keep an eye out for them all!

FF: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

KF: Thanks for the support! Look for the new record in May. upthetombstones.net is our website! kingdoomstone@yahoo.com is my email if anyone needs anything! Cheers and stay wild!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Intervision Gives Sledgehammer the DVD Treatment!

Sledgehammer is scheduled to have a dvd release on May 10, 2011. This is the first shot on video slasher and it is great to see that it won't be fading into obscurity. Spread the word! Let's get this classic flick some exposure!

Description taken from amazon.com.

"Have you ever stuffed an entire sandwich into your mouth? Have you ever poured a bottle of alcohol over your head? Furthermore, have you ever been stalked by an unending evil in the claustrophobic confines of a righteously depressing haunted condo? In slow motion? No? Then welcome to SLEDGEHAMMER! Heralding the revolutionary roar of shot on video (SOV) horror at the dawn of the 1980s, SLEDGEHAMMER is the gore-soaked saga of seven party animals, their trip to a haunted house, and their ensuing battle with an ultra-creepy, flannel-wearing, sledgehammer-wielding behemoth. In other words, it's everything you want out of a SOV slashercomplete with Bill Murray impersonations! Helmed by writer-director David A. Prior (KILLER WORKOUT, DEADLY PREY) and starring Ted Prior, David's iconic trash-superstar sibling, SLEDGEHAMMER is SOV nirvana, a paradoxical wonderland of outrageous hilarity, cool sweatpants, and genuinely unsettling chills. Appropriately staking its claim as the very first SOV horror film produced implicitly for the home video market, SLEDGEHAMMER joins BOARDINGHOUSE, BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL, and VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 as a bona fide cornerstone in grungy, homemade horror. The synths are thick. The sex is weird. The food fight is superb. So what are you waiting for? Get PRIOR-itized! NOW! Bonus Features Include: Audio commentary with Bleeding Skull.com creators Dan Budnik and Joseph Ziemba, Audio commentary with Director David A. Prior, Interview with Director David Prior, Sledgehammerland: Featurette with Cinefamily programmers Hadrian Belove and Tom Fitzgerald, Hammertime!: Featurette with Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson, Intervision Trailers."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

237- Dead Risen

237 is a project that consist of Derek Spear (the man who made the recently reviewed album, Shine) and his brother, Dustin Spear. Considering that Derek's solo debut was based around the story of the Shining and looking at the band name here it is obvious that these dudes love the film/book. In late 1994 the band was formed by the brothers and they began covering their favorite metal tracks. Not long after the band started writing their own material. Dead Risen marks the first, and only full-length from the band thus far.

The guitarwork on this record is pretty damn catchy for the most part. Though the album does rely heavily on grooves on occasion things are switched up with a thrashier pace. A good example would be the track "Driven", these moments spice things up a bit and keep the listeners attention from drifting. The instrumental track on the album "Witch Hunt" is quite possibly the best. It features a riff that gets in your ears and lurks around your head for a few days, though this track is extremely simple it just features one of those mindnumbingly memorable riffs that we all know and love. The only thing that may make the playing on this record more interesting would be to incorporate some solos here and there. One thing that is most noticeably different from Shine is the lack of catchy choruses. In a way it can be looked at as a trade off. Shine had some catchy riffs spread throughout but Dead Risen throws out infectious riffs constantly.

Much like Shine, Dead Risen features a drum machine. It is used in a responsible manner and doesn't reduce the quality of the album by much. The machine starts to get a little stale and dull towards the end of the album, aside from that section of dragging it isn't too overwhelming. Even though the bass just follows the guitar for the majority of the playtime it really seems to add a great deal of low end to the overall sound. On the title track it plays a huge role in achieving the heaviness that makes the track so excellent.

Don't expect many surprises when listening to Dead Risen. This is just a solid, straightforward slab of groove metal. If you have heard Shine you should have a fairly decent idea of what to expect out of this. Out of the two this is my favorite but both have their own set of qualities and awesome tracks. Check this out if you are in search of some groovy metal that has the ability to get your head banging.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red River (2011)

Red River marks the return of Jacob Ennis who put out 2009's Stash. Stash received mixed reviews and it seemed as though it was a "love it or hate it" affair. The supposed budget was $5000 so don't go into this expecting some kind of explosion filled blockbuster (as if you would). In the same vein of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the more recent Carver, Red River is a horror film that is all about family.

The film takes place in the backwoods of Kentucky. This morbid story follows a man named Roland Thatcher, a good ol' boy who doesn't enjoy people wandering near his neck of the woods. A group of youngsters from the big city take a trip to the small town and set up camp around the area Thatcher calls home. It isn't long before the women in the group find themselves nude in Thatcher's personal torture chamber. Many vicious acts are to take place and if anyone makes it out alive they will surely never be the same. Only to add to the insanity the slayings provide Thatcher's deformed son with food.

Films of this style can be very hit or miss, I'm sure we have all seen our fair share of hillbilly horror trainwrecks. Fortunately Red River falls somewhere in between. The movie could be paced a little better because there isn't much mindblowing dialogue to keep the watcher's attention. The acting ranges from good to terrible but one wouldn't expect much more from a flick with such a low budget.

The only thing about the acting that really takes away from the overall viewing experience is the action sequences. The chase scenes could use a bit of improvement and the moments where victims are fighting for their lives seem very robotic (if that makes any sense whatsoever). If their is one department Red River delivers in it is the gore. The effects are very well done and consist of all traditional methods, not a trace of CGI to be found. The wooden spear through the neck gag was particularly well done and it actually grabs your attention enough to take the focus off the mechanical action scenes. Another cool element is Thatcher's larynx microphone. It gives off an eerie vibe and really adds to his role as the villain.

All in all Red River is average at best. With a little more work on the writing and better execution on certain scenes this flick could be pretty good. Unfortunately Red River spends just a tad too much time developing characters the viewer doesn't really care about in the first place. Let's be honest, in most cases going into a film like this one is just looking for buckets of blood splatter, guts, and severed limbs, and while Red River does deliver those elements it takes too much time to get there. When the action is finally brought forth the viewers attention is already waning. If it's a rainy day and you are dying to see some tits and gore than Red River would fit the bill but there are quite a few other flicks out there that do it better.

Gore: 8/10
Overall: 5/10

Interview with Wes Infernal from Blaspherian!

We are proud to post this interview with Wes Infernal the main song writer, and guitarist of Blaspherian. Blaspherian just dropped their first full-length on Deathgasm records this week and it is sure to terrify those not prepared.

Foul Feast: Infernal Warriors Of Death was just recently released. How has the response been so far?


FF: The album marks your first full-length release. Why such the long wait?


FF: Was the absense of guitar solos on this release something you set out to do?


FF: Most of your releases as well as your logo feature inverted crosses and lyrical themes that deal in satanism and evil. Would you consider yourself a satanist?


FF: What attracted you to Deathgasm Records?


FF: Rather than just blazing through with each track you often switch it up and throw in some slow, atmospheric sections.


FF: Who did the artwork for the album? And can you tell us how the art ties in with the lyrical themes?


FF: When did you start the writing process for the record?


FF: When the band writes is it more of a group effort or does everyone sort of go off and do their own thing?


FF: Do you have any plans for a tour to promote the new album?


FF: How do you feel about the metal scene now compared to how it was in the late 80's/early 90's?


FF: You guys have released a few splits in the past. Are there any bands out there that come to mind that you'd like to do a split with?


FF: Any final thoughts?


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview With Thor of Kelkum!

A short but sweet interview with the man behind the black metal project Kelkum. We discuss the band's history, future plans, and the new label owned by Thor and the other half of Lys, Vyhladit!

Foul Feast: How did Kelkum begin?

Thor: Around August 2008, I decided maybe I could try to start my own project. I figured Burzum and Xasthur could do it, so why couldnt I?

FF: So far your releases have ranged from being limited to 10 to 100. Is there any reason aside from cost that play a factor in such a low number of copies being made?

Thor: I dont consider my music to be for everyone. Only a selective few will listen to it.

FF: In a few words give your best desciption of your music.

Thor: Nihilistic Black Metal.

FF: Is there anything in particular that fuels the writing process for you?

Thor: Not really. Last year around this time though, I was really into Depressive Black Metal, so there might have been something then, but Ive never been one to have to have inspiration to write something/do something. Yeah, I had inspiration to start Kelkum, but when it comes to writing, it's a personal thing. Sometimes I might grab my guitar and sit with it in my hands for hours before I decide to play anything. When you're making Black Metal, you're not doing it to make money and become famous, but to express your ideologies in your music. You dont just grab a guitar, act like you know how to play it and strum repeatedly like you wanna be the next Randy Rhoads, you have to let the music come to you. I dont write that much, so when an idea comes to me, I record it then. I get what I want out of it then, so then later on, when I have all of these ideas, I can mix them together to make a song, whether it be a long song, or a short song. Drums, eh.... For drums, I usually dont care if they're on time, or off. Big deal, its not like its going to matter that much. The mistakes arent mistakes. It's the way I wanted the song to sound. EVERYTHING you hear from Kelkum is the way I heard it in my head, and the way I wanted it to sound.

FF: Tell us a little about how you feel Kelkum has evolved since it's inception in 2008.

Thor: When it formed in 2008, I didnt want to be Deprssive Black Metal, or anyother sub-genre of Black Metal. It was just traditional Black Metal. I started exploring around in other forms of it until I found a style that fit. I got bored with Depressive Black Metal really easily, and moved on the exploring once more. I think, though, that Ive found a style that best fits me. Quality was never a big issue to me. As long as the drums, guitars and vocals are audible, thats all I need.

FF: Are there any future releases that you have planned?

Thor: I have a demo recorded right now that Im going to release soon. And Ive been working on a few more songs as well. A little different from any other demo, so you can expect something new. As you can tell, I dont stick to the same style twice, its always changing.

FF: What are some of the lyrical themes you deal with?

Thor: Well, Im not good at writing lyrics. I have a few old DSBM songs that have lyrics that I never released that Im thinking about releasing on a compilation tape soon. So, when I actually used to write lyrics, they were mainly Depressive things, ect. For the demo I need to release now, I had my good friend Vyhladit of Lys write lyrics for me.

FF: If you were to find any other like minded musicians would you consider expanding Kelkum into a full band project?

Thor: Eh.... No. There's a few reasons to that as well. Kelkum was formed so I could put my ideas into music. Again, I figured Burzum and Xasthur could do it, why couldnt I? So, if other members were to join, it wouldnt be MY ideas anymore, it would be theirs as well. When Im in the music making process, for Kelkum and RazoR at least. Kelkum was meant to be a one-man thing. Thats why me and Vyhladit formed Lys, we are both like-minded musicians, have a lot of the same influences, and the same music taste. Kelkum will never turn into a full band. It will only ever be me.

FF: Any final thoughts?

Thor: Check out me and Vyhladit's record label: http://nihilisticwinter.webs.com/
Look out for the new Kelkum demo, expect to hear some old Kelkum material released soon as well.
Also look out for new Nihilistic Winter releases!

Blaspherian- Infernal Warriors Of Death

Since Blaspherian's inception in 2004 this group of Texan's have been steadily slaying everything in the path. Their latest release Infernal Warriors of Death (which drops today) is no exception. This is one of the most sinister sounding death metal records that come to mind in recent memory. Being a fan of the bands past material it is exciting to see them finally drop a full-length, and after listening, just like with past releases this leaves the listener wanting more.

The guitar tone is riddled with distortion and is very relentless, it sounds as though mounds of mud are being catapulted out of their amps straight into your ear. There is little room for soloing throughout the record and while this may turn some off it really gives it a more consistent, brutal sound. The lack of solos also adds to the already dense vibe that Infernal Warriors of Death gives off. The playing follows closely to the typical formula, crushing riffs followed by tremolo picked sections.

Instead of just constantly throwing riffs out there and seeing what sticks the band utilizes them to create the evil atmosphere that fills the near forty minute playtime. It is rare that you will hear a melody seep though the cracks of this brutal slab of old school death but when it does it works. On tracks like "Infernal Warriors of Death" one can hear a brief example of this, it would be interesting to hear what the band could do if they incorporated this more often but it would be difficult to maintain the heaviness that makes this release so great.

The vocals come straight from the depths of hell. In fact it wouldn't be to hard to convince one that Lord Apollyon is satan himself. There is very little variation in vocal style aside from the occasional scream layered over the growls. So, all in all the vocal performance is pretty straightforward and pummeling from start to finish. The drumming here is fantastic. Rather than just constant blasting we hear many slow, creeping rhythms throughout. That's not to say that there is no blasting involved. Matt Mayhem can destroy the listener's face in an instant when it is necessary.

Overall this is nothing that you haven't heard before. With that being said Blaspherian is one of the only bands that can capture this sound and not become dull after a solid thirty minutes. Don't go into this expecting to have your mind blown but expect to be crushed, dismembered, and sacrificed for satan during this vicious onslaught of death metal. Highly recommended for all the fans of the old school filth.

Klown Kamp Massacre

Klown Kamp Massacre is a low budget killer clown slasher. Naturally blending the slasher genre with the clown lifestyle there is going to be some humor involved, but this isn't just some low-rent horror clown flick like we have all seen in the past. The cast and crew clearly worked their asses off to make this movie the best it could be and it really shows while watching.

Klown Kamp Massacre is about a group of upcoming clowns going to a clown boot camp of sorts to master their craft. Little do they know that just 15 years ago a clown named Edwin went insane after being humiliated onstage when a cellphone interruption ruined his chances of being successful in his art. After having his dreams smashed he went on a vicious, blood crazed rampage and vanished into obscurity. Due to the murders that took place there the camp was shut down immediately. With Bonzo's show being cancelled 15 years later he is forced to re-open the camp.

In the classic tradition of 80's slashers like Friday the 13th and Madman the story is told around campfire and turns out to be true, you all know the formula. It isn't long after than many of the campers are missing in action and the body count rises to an alarming number. The film is obviously a tribute of sorts to movies of this style but that is not to say that it is completely unoriginal. Klown Kamp Massacre definitely has it's own brand of humor that makes it a fresh viewing experience. With that being said the ending might throw some people off. The death scenes are pretty creative and funny. It isn't often you see the blood at a murder scene shaped like a smiley face. The gore is very well done and looks great which brings us to the next subject at hand, the production values. It is clear that the people involved not only did their best to make the film as good as possible but also to make the picture look as good as possible. This is a very professional looking release and it is obvious that they pulled out all the stops to make the movie work.

Overall Klown Kamp Massacre is an excellent flick. It's actually one of the best killer clown movies that comes to mind since Killer Klowns From Outer Space. This movie is one of those that just reminds you why you became a fan of independent films in the first place. There are plenty of little references that are easy to miss that make the movie good for multiple viewings. And did we mention there is a Lloyd Kaufman cameo? Yeah, check this one out.

Gore: 7/10
Kills: 7/10

Monday, March 7, 2011

Revulsion- Undressing External Humanity

Revulsion is a five piece death metal band from Finland. The band is clearly in no hurry in terms of releases considering this is the only thing they've put out in their six years together. Clocking in at just over ten minutes and featuring only four tracks this demo has the potential to level tall buildings and bust bullet proof glass, to put it in simple terms this is one tough release. Before listening it would be advised that you should find the nearest helmet and strap it on, safety first.

The guitar playing is straightforward for the most part. Skull shattering grooves are blended with face grinding tremolo sections creating a devastating combo of vicious kickassery. The tone is nice and thick and goes great with the pulverising rhythms the band dishes out frequently. The playing is really tight from start to finish. Throughout the release you can hear Alatalo adding some chunkiness to the sound. On tracks like "Breathing Nest" it is most noticeable. The playing works not only as a back up to the guitar but it also adds to the catchiness of a lot of the riffs here. "Häväisty" features a main riff that will drift around in your head for hours.

The vocals are channeled straight from the center of the earth. Booming gutturals fill this record and add so much brutality to the overall sound. On a full-length release the band may want to consider throwing in some more variation but with a short release like this it is perfectly fine. That's not to say that there is absolutely no variation throughout, but it is only a rare occasion when one will he a scream belted out or a change in pitch. Karppinen is very consistent behind his kit. There are enough tempo changes involved to keep the listener fully entertained.

Overall Undressing External Humanity is a very solid effort. If Revulsion can keep this up on future releases they'll be set. With all that being said this is far from being groundbreaking, it is just crushing mid-tempo death metal and fans of the style will eat it up. Even though this is Revulsion's first release it is clear they have a grasp on how to use their instruments and write good music. The song structures vary and keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish. Those of you who enjoy some crushing death metal should give this one a shot.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


"He's after us..... AND WE'RE NAKED!" 

Goregasm marks the return of the infamous Cockface Killer. Being the second installment in the Cockface Killer story you can count on enough sex and gore to please even the biggest perverts. Terror Optics is on the right path when it comes to low budget flicks. This is just a fun filled journey of with some repulsive and vile acts thrown in for good measure.

With Cockface once again on the loose the town is forced to keep one eye open while banging and masturbating in fear of being offed by the sexual deviant. Lurking around like Michael Myers after taking an abundance of boner pills and armed with his humongous black dildo Cockface is stronger than ever and will put up a hell of a fight before he is laid to rest. With that being said, some of the locals are getting tired of being sexual deprived and are out to catch the killer at all cost.

Also at large in the town is the male hating tribe known as C.L.A.M. A group that was formed by a woman who was raped by 500 men in 24 hours and then forced into a "fuckhole" for a year. The C.L.A.M. lives to torture and kill men, and the ringleader won't hesitate to put on a strap-on and pack some fudge. On top of all of this following the trail of the Cockface Killer is a detective with a strange obsession with Sylvester Stallone. It's only a matter of time before someone stands up to Cockface, and when it does happen it is definitely going to get ugly. Dildos will soar through the air like eagles and blood will be shed in one of the most epic showdowns in the history of film.

Jam packed with insane kills Goregasm won't let down all of the sadists who watch. You see ever thing from a vagina being stabbed multiple times to a gun being inserted into someone's rear followed by popping off a round. The C.L.A.M. gets plenty of time on the screen to degrade men as well. Multiple acts of anal rape are shown and there is enough poop here to clog your toilet. Similar to Troma in terms of humor Goregasm delivers in every department. You've got loads of gore and an endless amount of hilarious lines. All this blended with the hi-jinks that take place at Filthy Franks Fuck Flicks and Fake Dicks makes for the ultimate film for all the sick fucks out there looking for something that pushes the envelope. Another thing that adds to the already overwhelming amount of awesome is the soundtrack. It displays plenty of killer punk and metal tracks that fit the attitude of the film perfectly.

Overall Goregasm is everything one would expect it to be, times two. This is not a movie that someone who is easily offended should attempt to watch. In the same sense as a film like Terror Firmer, Goregasm is an essential viewing for those who enjoy a big hit of tasteless cinema. Not many movies reach this level of weirdness successfully. So come on! Pop the disc in already, I've already jerked off like one and a half times!

Overall: 8/10
Gore: 8/10
Kills: 8/10

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sanhedrin- Salvation Through Sin

Sanhedrin is a melodic blackened death metal band from the UK. The band formed in 2009 and has since released a demo and this full-length. They are armed with corpsepaint, keyboards, and some decent writing abilities. It is obvious when looking at the layout of the album and listening to the sound quality that this band takes their music very serious and aren't just some bedroom headbangers beating their instruments to death into a Guitar Hero microphone. For a debut full-length Sanhedrin definitely shows a great deal of potential.

The first thing that will come to the listeners attention is that Sanhedrin emphasizes keyboards in a big way. For many this may be a turn off (in most cases myself included) but somehow Sanhedrin manages to incorporate this element in a way that doesn't take away from the overall sound. This element actually beefs up the already epic atmosphere quite a bit and does so without becoming tedious. Salvation Through Sin is one of those albums that just simply works better when listened to from start to finish. This can be see as a pro or a con based on your personal point of view but in order to get the full experience it is a must.

The guitar playing on the album isn't anything particularly fancy, but it does fit what they do quite well and when intertwined with their ability to create a good song structure all in all, it comes out very effective. The vocals here are very interesting. Come to think of it, there isn't another vocalist that comes to mind to compare the style used here to. A mid ranged harsh vocal is used throughout most of the playtime and it can't really be described as a growl or a scream. Holloway has a fairly distinct voice and even though it is a harsh style it comes across as effortless in deliver which adds an interesting vibe to the performance.

Overall Salvation Through Sin isn't anything new or groundbreaking. The band still continuously holds your attention and shows enough skill in their style to make this release a success. It isn't often you find a band playing this style that doesn't go completely overboard with the symphonic elements, but luckily in this bands case they have no problem knowing when and where to draw the line. Many people will compare this release to bands like Dimmu Borgir but in more ways than one it seems that Sanhedrin has a better grasp on creating enjoyable music. Don't go into this expecting to have you mind blown and I think you'll be extremely happy with the result.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Interplanetary follows a group of employees of Interplanetary Corporation. The group calls Mars there home and they are paid to be there but many questions are raised when it seems they are there for nothing. They spend most of their days sitting around, banging one another, and well... that's about it, that is, until Wil discovers the body of what appears to be proof that we are not alone in the universe. From that point on things only get worse for the Interplanetary Corporation.

Shortly after making this discovery he creates a video showing off his find and gives his contact info for anyone interested in making a movie about the events (CHACHING!!) and it ends up getting sent to ANN (a major news company). Soon the team is bombarded with many unanswered questions and the fact that they aren't the only humans on the rock. After discovering that there building isn't the only of it's kind on Mars they find an alien creature that may mark the end of human life on Mars permanently. As time goes by it is hard for the good guys to know who to trust, and it begins to seem like shit might hit the fan.

The movie blends a dry sense of humor filled with cheesy jokes with a fun, gory horror story. It will have you laughing from start to finish and not a moment goes by where you aren't wondering what is going to happen next. According to the HorrorTalk the film is "part Alien, part Office Space" which really isn't too far off. Not many flicks can intertwine comedy with a serious plot in a cohesive way but Interplanetary manages to pull it off in every way possible. It isn't often that one sees an independent scifi film surface most likely due to the fact that making a film of this genre is difficult to achieve with a low budget (it's hard to make your backyard look like Mars). Luckily Interplanetary does an excellent job and the setting looks great. Most of the gore looks pretty good even though a few scenes leave a little to be desired.

Overall Interplanetary is just a fun, hilarious scifi romp that will have even the biggest haters of independent cinema cracking a smile. I watched this film with a group of people who normally despise anything that doesn't have high box office credibility and they loved it on the same level as a cheese fan like myself. Highly recommended for fans of scifi and horror, or even for someone just looking for a laugh. It is clear that director Chance Shirley and his crews work very hard on these flicks and it comes across while watching. Shirley is without a doubt an individual that fans of the genre need to keep an eye on.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pleasures of the Damned

 Pleasures of the Damned is another parody from none other than Dire Wit Films. Unlike Isle of the Damned Pleasures tells a tale of satanic bikers that end up bringing a zombie cult back from the dead. Much like Isle of the Damned the film greets you with plenty of ridiculous wigs and mustaches along will some of the worst dubbing you will ever witness. Prepare yourself for loads of hysterical and excessive moments, this is sure not to disappoint fans of the genre.

Pleasures of the Damned opens with a warning to the audience of the hideous things that you are about to witness. Shortly after we are greeted by Dr. Gregory Dean who tells us about the amazing new invention that is known as Psychovision. Those of you who have any problems with seizures should not view further because Psychovision polarizes your eyesight and will most likely blow your mind. The fictional story of director Antonio Giallo states that shortly after the premiere of Pleasures of the Damned he was charged with 17 counts of indecency and all of the film was presumed to be apprehended and destroyed by the Italian government.

The film follows private investigator Jack Steele who is on a mission to save Evelyn's brother Tommy from the ancient cult. Little does he know he may be the only thing that can end the curse that has been brought on by the satanic bikers. Armed with a wicked wig and mustache combo and the deep voice of a black man Steele plays the role of the badass in Pleasures of the Damned. In most cases Steele is a bad mother but he has a heart of gold and doesn't hesitate to try to get with the woman he is helping. Obviously Pleasures of the Damned is not a film for everyone but those interested in the old school art of grindhouse cheesefests will have their fair share of fun watching it. For the low budget the film had most of the gore is pretty good and the film has a fairly clear, crisp look (aside from the film age effect that is added throughout the movie).

Overall Pleasures of the Damned is the perfect movie to pop in when you are hanging out with a couple friends smoking or drinking any form of alcohol (hopefully it ain't no lady drink!). Dire Wit releases some of the funnest flicks around and you'd be doing yourself a solid by checking out this and Isle of the Damned (which make for a killer double feature). Hell, there is even a drinking game in the special features section.

Overall: 8.5/10
Gore: 7/10
Kills: 7/10

Isle of the Damned

 Isle of the Damned is a send up to the classic Italian cannibal films we all know and love. If you can't get enough cheese you should quickly jump away from the computer and find a copy of this film. Filled with enough taboo and fake mustaches to be any cheese connoisseurs wet dream Isle of the Damned is sure to make you laugh, cry, and leave you very sexually confused. Anyone even relatively familiar with some of the cannibal films of the 80's will find it difficult to not crack a smile while watching.

Isle of the Damned continues to follow the lost tapes of fictional director Antonio Giallo. Rather than focusing on satanic bikers the film takes place on an island infested with cannibals. We follow the badass private investigator Jack Steele on his journey searching for the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Tagging along with Steele is his adopted son Billy. Things take a turn when the cannibals show up and Steele is betrayed by Thompson who wants all the treasure for himself.

 Throughout the film you will be forced to witness many atrocities which include but are not limited to, the skull crushing of a baby, a penis being severed, cannibal sodomy, and many, many other acts of torture and pain. There is enough backdoor slamming featured in Isle of the Damned that it at times seems like the film takes place in a prison full of rapists rather than an island. The movie is extremely well made for the low production values, and it really manages to capture the vibe (with some added hilarity) of the films that inspired it.

Overall Isle of the Damned is one of the best spoofs that comes to mind. It's clear that the people involved are fans of the genre and are just doing what they love. Some may call this excessive and in a way it is but the cheese obsession within me can't help but enjoy every moment of it. Along with the hilarious film the special features take it all to the next level, featuring everything one could ask for, an interview with the fictional director's son Luigi and a very informative commentary from the man who did the dubbing of Jack Steele's voice. This is highly recommended for fans of the 70's and 80's cannibal flicks and people who enjoy bizarre film in general.

Overall: 9/10
Gore: 8/10
Kills: 9/10

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Among the Mortals- Of Ignorance and Dismissal

Among the Mortals is a melodic death metal band from Finland that formed way back in 1997. This is the bands first full-length release in their time together, that may seem like a huge gap and it is, but that is not to say that the band has been sitting around scratching their asses for all these years. They have released a demo and an EP since their forming and had also been on hold from 2002 to 2005. In the early stages the band featured more members. The band is now a two piece, Luosujärvi handles vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboards on the album while Hanhisuanto handles drum duties. Upon first listen it is clear to see these guys harness a great amount of talent and after every listen this album just gets better and better.

Among the Mortals has an extremely epic sound that holds the listener's attention without fail the entire near hour that this album clocks in.The guitar playing here is intricate and doesn't loose any of it's intensity with the heavily melodic sound pouring out of the amplifier. The instrumental pieces are pure nirvana. The playing creates a cascading tour de force of emotion fall upon the listener. The second the sound of the amazing playing hit your ears it is pure bliss from then on. Every second of this album is enthralling, whether the pace be slow and devastating (intro to "A Dream Like None") or filled with speedy melodies ("Weep, You Lifeless"). Every note is delivered with machinelike precision yet it all seems so natural.

The vocals vary in style. There is an odd sounding, shrill scream and a standard shriek being used throughout the majority of Of Ignorance And Dismissal. The vocal approach used is very reminiscent of none other than prog masters Augury. The vocals fit perfectly and add to the already mystical sound featured. The drumming drives the album along at a consistent pace. There is enough variety here to keep the performance as fresh as possible and it is without a doubt very refreshing to hear a band submitting music that feature a human taking care of drum duties.

Overall Among the Mortals is one of the few melodic death metal bands around that can keep the listener on the edge of their seat. In terms of metal and just music in general it doesn't get much more epic than this. Highly recommended for fans of metal that can handle harsh vocals, this release is easy to digest for those just getting into the genre and entertaining enough to keep the seasoned listeners coming back for more. Get it.