Thursday, October 20, 2011


Muckman is Brett Piper's latest flick. Those familiar with Piper's previous films like Draniac and Bite Me (among many others) should know what to expect here. Those who despise his past outings will most likely not have a sudden change of heart watching this. Muckman is filled with the low budget cheese that will turn away mainstream audiences and draw in all the weirdoes from sewers worldwide.

Mickey O'Hara attempts to strike gold by showing the obscure creature "Muckman" on live TV. The plan fails horribly when the actor in the suit falls and takes of his mask. After this the whole world sees him for the money-hungry scum he is. In a desperate attempt to redeem himself, he sends a crew out into the wilderness to try and film a new documentary fit for television. After speaking to the inbred locals it appears that the Muckman might not be a myth after all. Soon one of their own ends up dead and they find themselves in a struggle against the monstrosity that is Muckman!
The film stars AJ Khan who is fairly well known for her work in low budget horror and numerous flicks she has done with Seduction Cinema. She gives one of her best performances ever and the rest of the cast does a surprisingly good job as well. Muckman is an old school monster flick at first appearance but when watching the film it is obvious it is more of a spoof than anything else. With Mark Polonia (Splatter Farm, Splatter Beach, etc) having a hand in the writing of the film I was hoping for some greatness. Unfortunately Muckman is a real mixbag when it comes to humor and dialogue. Some of the jokes were pretty funny but moments like the cell phone going off just go on a bit too long for their own good.

Most fans of Brett Piper know he is all about the traditional effects. You aren't going to find any low-rate CGI here. The occasional stop motion effect makes an appearance here which is something I haven't seen used in awhile (that comes to mind that is...). The creature itself looks a bit more menacing than I had originally expected and when he finally makes his appearance the few shots of gore looked fairly realistic.

Overall Muckman delivers for the most part. It's a cheesy, fun filled ride from start to finish. Sure some of the gags may not have been as successful as expected but it doesn't take too much away from the final product. Fans of Brett Piper's previous work will dig this without a doubt and fans of horror that can handle a little comedy should also find this to be a decent watch.

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