Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Afternoon Gentlemen- Pissedography

The Afternoon Gentlemen is a powerviolence band from the UK. This album is a compilation that features tracks from many of their previous splits and EP's. These guys are all about getting wasted and violent. Expect 38 tracks of pure, unadulterated chaos, all crammed into just under one hour of aural battery.

For the most part the songs here struggle to make it past the one minute mark. That is until towards the end which features the material from the Afterdoom EP. The final three songs on the disc all break one minute, in fact one of them breaks eight. When compared to the other material here the Afterdoom EP is something that definitely comes out of leftfield. It's obvious you're still hearing The Afternoon Gentlemen but rather than ripping through your ears at dangerous speeds they are trotting along at a turtles pace. These three tracks are riddled in sludge and prove that The Afternoon Gentlemen can be just as punishing using a different approach.

The riffs are very thrashy the majority of the time but there are also plenty of heavy grooves to keep things interesting. These mosh moments are sure to throw everyone in the area into an uproar. The style of powerviolence we see played here is very old school in a sense, having more in common with Spazz than newer acts like Magrudergrind. The variation of vocal styles used here is ridiculous. You've got some crazy piercing screams, gang chants, gutturals, yells, and the all too familiar Spazz "UGHSSS". This gives a slight upperhand when compared to many other modern powerviolence bands that typically stick to one or two approaches on each release.

Overall Pissedography is obviously a great way to get into The Afternoon Gentlemen. It features most of their material so far aside from live recordings and is still easy to sit back and listen to from start to finish. Even though the songs are from separate releases Pissedography still flows well as an album. Fans of powerviolence will definitely enjoy The Afternoon Gentlemen and fans of hardcore and grind shouldn't find it to be too huge leap either. Certainly one of the best powerviolence bands representing the UK right now. Get it.

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