Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview with Digestor (Ghoul)

Ghoul is back again to release their first full-length in over 5 years! Transmission Zero is getting released November, 8th on Tankcrimes and even after being together for 10 years it is evident when listening that all of the energy is still there. We had the chance to ask Digestor a few questions about the new release and the future of Ghoul. 

Foul Feast: How are things in Creepsylvania?

Digestor: Cloudy with a chance of MURDER!!!

FF: You guys just recently kicked off the tour in support of the new album, how did that go?

Digestor: We were recently kicked off the tour?! Why weren't we notified?! Oh, for fun. We actually have not left for tour yet. We leave Oct 12th.

FF: What other bands can we expect to see joining you on this tour?

Digestor: We're going out with the legendary Gwar, Every Time I Die, and we will be joined on the last couple shows of our leg of the tour by the stellar Warbeast.

FF: Has Ghoul ever done a big tour like this?

Digestor: No, the biggest tour we've been on was a tour of the Schlitz brewery. We were kicked off that one too, incidentally. Hey, if they don't allow swimming in the fermenting tanks they should put up a sign. I'm not a mind reader.

FF: Explain a bit how Transmission Zero differs from the past Ghoul releases.

Digestor: It has a different cover, different lyrics, and a different title, but I have to admit it has a lot of the same riffs. Again, I kid you! It's certainly a good companion to Splatterthrash, but I think the music is more aggressive this time out, and there are a few curve balls thrown in there that people will have to discover for themselves.

FF: Who did the amazing coverart for Transmission Zero?

Digestor: A wonderful artist named Bill Hauser who has done work for many, many other great bands. We were so lucky that he agreed to work with us after only three hours of hooking him up to a car battery and electrocuting his bathroom area. Mainly we were lucky because the battery was about to run out of juice when he agreed. If only he had the willpower to hold out a few more minutes he could have avoided this whole mess.

FF: A few years back you did a split with Brody's Militia, do you plan on doing any splits in the future? And if so who are you wanting to do it with?

Digestor: I believe there is a split planned in the future with a certain band on a certain label. I can't elaborate any further, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement and I take those things really seriously.

FF: Do you have a favorite track from the new album?

Digestor: I really like them all, but if I had to pick one I'd go with the title track. That and the secret track. Oh, I gave away the secret! Me and my big mouth...

FF: Do the hoods help with your thrashing abilities? I'm just trying to wrap my head around the mystique behind Ghoul.

Digestor: I'd like to wrap your head around something... The hoods only serve to hide our hideous visages. The cocaine is what helps us thrash.

FF: What kind of shenanigans was Ghoul up to during the 5 year break between albums?

Digestor: A little of this, a little of that. Hiding from cultists, burning down orphanages; you know, the usual.

FF: How did your deal with Tankcrimes fall into place?

Digestor: One day we were loping through the catacombs and saw one of his "Tankcrimes" stickers stuck on the skull of a small child. This showed an impressive lack of taste, respect, and common sense. We knew right then that he was our kind of clod. Though he's a bit of a recluse and more or less stays off the grid we managed to track him down, and after a lengthy and detailed description of what we would do to him if he didn't put out our albums he agreed that it was a good idea.

FF: What was your biggest influence musically going into this album?

Digestor: The last Ghoul album. We don't get a lot of new music in Creepsylvania.

FF: Any final words?

Digestor: If I have one life to live, let me live it as a blonde!

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