Sunday, October 23, 2011

Agga- 4 Track Promo

Lord of Babylon is back to unleash four new Agga tracks. For those not familiar Agga is a one-man project from Florida that plays a nice blend of thrash and black metal. In my review for their debut I used the term epic metal to describe them and by the sound of these tracks that appears to still be the perfect term to describe their music. Though it is difficult to tell much from four tracks The Lord of Babylon makes one thing very clear, he is still on his game and Agga will continue to strive to be the best it can be.

One thing that has improved since the debut is the mixing. The drums aren't so high up in the mix and it really just makes the listening experience more enjoyable. Other than that this is exactly what I had imagined the new material would sound like. This is by no means a bad thing and it is not simply a carbon copy of the self-titled album. That being said fans of the first release will not be disappointed.

The four tracks featured here clock in at just under thirty minutes. Two of the songs are instrumentals and they are both sound fantastic. The first instrumental titled "Prelude to Time" is possibly the most catchy track ever recorded by Agga. The constant stream of ancient sounding tremolo picked sections make the seven minute length go by faster than an Anal Cunt track. The instrumentals may have vocals included by the time an actual release surfaces but in all honesty, "Prelude to Time" sounds near perfect the way it is. The other instrumental "The New Age Of Tiamat" contains a bit of a surprise. The track gets very groovy about halfway in, the transition from speedy riffs to crushing grooves is done almost seamlessly. At first this moment doesn't seem to fit but upon further listening it sort of grows on you and makes for a genuinely heavy moment.

The vocals seem much more scratchy than before. They are also quite a bit easier to distinguish compared to the previous release. Aside from the chanting featured on "When the Tablets of Destiny are Broken" we don't really hear any clean vocals here. The songs are more thrash oriented than most of the material on Agga. They still maintain the unique sound that was displayed in the past, they just have more of a "full speed ahead" attitude going for them.

Overall Agga appears to be up to the task of following up their debut with something just as good, if not better. These new tracks definitely show that the amazing first impression that was given initially was not a fluke. If the rest of the upcoming album is up to par with this The Lord of Babylon will have an excellent album on his hands to say the least. Definitely keep an eye out for Agga.

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