Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interview with Brandon Mitchell (ex-Swallowed By Apathy)

Brandon Mitchell just recently made the decision to part ways will Swallowed By Apathy shortly after the release of their debut full-length. In this interview we discuss why he left the band and where he is going from here.

Foul Feast: First off I'll address what is probably on everyones mind, what made you decide to leave Swallowed By Apathy?

Brandon Mitchell: I left Swallowed by Apathy simply because I was living 3 hours away from my closest friends and family. As much as I enjoyed the whole experience the distance had taken it's toll on me. I had not anticipated such an amazing following or response to the album and I will cherish every second that I spent in the band. It was my baby, I had the band formed before Kevin joined and I watched a small idea grow into a reality. After Kevin joined a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and we worked as a team. I am happy that they will continue to carry on the legacy but I know that because of the fact I wrote 95% of the guitar parts and my vocal melodies it will have a different vibe. I can tell you from working with Kevin for a year and my time spent with Conor Sullivan that it will still be very solid and progressive musically. Conor fucking rips dude. lol After all I would expect nothing short of greatness from those two. Rob is an insane drummer and I think with him in the fold they will explore new territories. I have no regrets simply because we accomplished so much in little time. I need a little break from music but I will definitely be releasing stuff in the future. I want to make it but as of right now I need to be with family and friends.

FF: Are you happy with how Dysgenesis came out?

Brandon Mitchell: Oh absolutely, as an artist I feel that there are always ways to grow and improve so sure I may have done things differently but in the end we put it out and crafted it to be the best it could at that time. I'm thrilled by the support I have been shown and hope that people continue to support the band.

FF: Do you have any ideas of what you may do musically in the future?

Brandon Mitchell: Oh definitely, I got plans for the future. I can tell you I have always wanted to front a power metal band and fully intend on displaying my ability and range as a singer. I've been approached the past few days about getting involved with some new artists but at the moment I am taking a breather.

FF: Is there any chance of you and Kevin doing anymore music together?

Brandon Mitchell: Kevin and I are still on good terms so I would never say never but I think it's best we go our own ways and branch out with different people. I have learned a lot from him and I sure as hell influenced him so we will take what we learned and apply it to the future.

FF: What is going to happen to the material that was being written for Swallowed By Apathy that hasn't been released yet?

Brandon Mitchell: We'll considering I wrote everything on guitar and we haven't fully pieced anything together, I plan on working most of it into future projects as it is slightly more evolved and I am proud of it. It's good shit and when it gets released you will enjoy it. I am sure of that.

FF: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Brandon Mitchell: Just a big thanks to everyone who has supported me through everything and when I get back on my feet with material you will be the first to know.


  1. Swallowed by apathy is a brandon mitchell project completely so that band don't intrest me anymore brandon is a true musical god .the world needs to feel his music in all his differnt forms and styles sorry kevin but it is what it is . Thanks . THE TRUTH

  2. haha, the new material Kevin posted awhile back was pretty good and in the same vein of the stuff we've already heard from SBA so I still have faith. To each his own though. THE THRUTH