Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Abysmalia- Amid Adversities

Finnish progressive thrash outfit Abysmalia is back and still striving to put out some very unique metal music. Having formed back in 2007 these guys already have four full-lengths and an EP under their belt. Since 2008 they have released an album every year and somehow between the release of their amazing most recent full-length Replenish Entirety, they manage to put out something just as consistent.

The album opens with "Recollections of a Reality". A brief intro that features female vocals and does a great job at setting the tone for the record and introducing the first song "These Words are My Woes". Starting off with an absolute bang "These Words are My Woes" features some of the fastest and most aggressive moments on the album let alone Abysmalia's discography. Yet somehow before all is said and done they manage to do a complete 180 and end the track with a beautiful, uplifting solo and soaring clean vocals. Abysmalia has always been amazing at keeping the listener on their toes and when listening to the first few songs here they make it evident that they haven't quite lost their touch just yet.

Amid Adversities seems to have a stronger thrash influence than the previous album. The difference is very slight to say the least and only pops up on rare occasions, but there is enough for past fans to begin to take notice. That being said they still maintain their progressive elements and don't ever stick to one particular style for too long. Another interesting thing about the release is the bass. Abysmalia definitely has always had the bass at an audible level to say the least. On this album it sort of takes the spotlight at times. A solid example of this would be on "From a Sanguine Heart" in which the bass actually overpowers the guitar and really drives the song almost single-handedly.

The sheer amount of diversity held within these six tracks is unbelievable. The fact that none of it sounds out of place in the slightest is even more amazing. At times there is an all-out thrash assault and the next thing you know you are listening to something that has subtle pop influence. "The Mothers of Sons" gathers all of this up and bundles it up into one nice, easy to digest, eight minute track. Flipping back and forth between calming melodies and pummeling grooves, it is the best representation of what Abysmalia is all about.

Overall Abysmalia proves their consistency once again with Amid Adversities. This is their most professional sounding release by far. The influences that you could hear on Replenish Entirety are almost entirely gone and it is clear that Abysmalia have molded a sound that they can truly call their own. While the music featured here may be too spontaneous for some it seems like this is about as easy to digest as Abysmalia is going to get. Those looking to get into the band should definitely start here. Prog metal fans will not be disappointed.

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