Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sikfuk- Shitfisted Superman... The Man Of Stool

Sikfuk is a one-man band that formed back in 2001. This is the third full-length from Nikfuk's sick little project. For those unaware, Sikfuk plays a very brutal style of music that is referred to as "tardgrind". A few demos and a split have been released by him too. Needless to say Nikfuk has been in the game for awhile now and has had his fair share of time to sculpt Sikfuk's vomit worthy sound. Just like any other Sikfuk release you will be bombarded with hilarious samples and gross song titles. Also the booklet for the album has a special piece of nastiness drawn up for each track.

The guitar playing is groovy as hell from start to finish as usual. For the most part the chaotic feel that Teabagged At Birth had is missing on this release, but the slams are just as catchy as before and match the rhythm of the vocals almost flawlessly. The guitar tone used on the album isn't as thick very thick. This kind of takes some of the impact out of the slams that are almost constant. It doesn't detract too much from the overall quality but it wouldn't hurt if the tone was beefed up more on the next release.

Nikfuk has some of the most vile sounding gutturals ever recorded. His vocals bring images of shit and other bodily fluids to mind almost immediately. The burps are delivered with an infectious rhythm. They just fit perfectly, I couldn't picture any other style being used here. As with most of the one-man brutal death bands out there Sikfuk does feature a drum machine. In this albums case it isn't a make or break situation, the drum programming is actually pretty believable and well done.

Overall this "oozing, dripping shit, spackeled piece of shit" is good in my book. A fair warning to people who have yet to experience Sikfuk, try before you buy, this isn't going to be everyones thing. In fact a good portion of people will probably find everything about this album completely repulsive, disgusting, and unlistenable. Fans of Sikfuk should have a good time with this though, with that being said this doesn't top their last album Teabagged At Birth. In all honesty in the end fans will get the same disgusting, scat inducing brutal death/tardgrind they have come to expect from Sikfuk.

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