Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gorgy- Birth of Damnation

Gorgy is a death metal band from Kentucky. They formed back in 2008 and Birth of Damnation marks their first full-length release. Filled with large doses of heaviness and fun samples Gorgy is sure to gain some fans with this album. Upon first listen you will immediately find that you have a strange urge to punch all nearby pillows, do not fear, this is a common side-effect that comes with exposure to Birth of Damnation.

The album clocks in at just under thirty minutes and there is absolutely no time for filler. All the tracks have certain qualities that make them stand apart from one another. It is clear when listening that the band spent time crafting these tracks to be the best they could possibly be. None of the riffs or solos sound out of place and everything in general is just on point from start to finish.

The guitar tone suits the album perfectly. It is nice and chunky when it needs to be and the solos sound amazing. The album is packed full of killer grooves and catchy fast sections. The bass is almost easy to mix because of how overpowering the vocals are but if you listen closely you will discover it is actually fairly high in the mix. Millers vocals fit the bands sound perfectly. He has an extremely guttural growl but it is also very easy to decipher what is being said for the most part. There are a few different variation in the vocal styles used and to top it off there is quite a bit of layering spread throughout.

All the songs featured on Birth of Damnation have there moments that separate them from one another. "3rd Degree Sodomy" has that spastic, violent feel while maintaining it's catchiness, while other tracks like "Welcoming the Gore" just go right in for the kill and bring the brutality to the fullest. If there is one thing all the tracks have in common though it is the fact that they are all catchy. The tremolo picked sections will stick with you after listening and after a listen or two you will probably even find yourself singing along while listening.

Overall Gorgy's debut does not disappoint. This release is nearly thirty minutes of blazing death metal brutality, nothing less, nothing more. This album won't change the minds of people who despise death metal but it will definitely give all the fans a neck workout. There is absolutely nothing to complain about and hopefully the potential shown on this debut will continue to grow on future releases. With a name like Gorgy what's not to like?

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