Monday, August 15, 2011

Regurgitation- Clitoraldectomy

Regurgitation is a brutal death metal band from Ohio. They formed back in 1994 but their amount of output would suggest otherwise. The band only has one full-length to this date. Clitoraldectomy is their last release since their 1999 album Tales Of Necrophilia. This was originally a demo but it didn't see an official release until Comatose got the chance to put it out this year. Clitoraldectomy consists of four brutal tracks along with a particularly badass Suffocation cover.

This release pummels the listener and never lets up in the slightest. The guitar playing is very precise and there are even a few killer solos thrown in for good measure. There are only a couple of really heavy "beatdown" moments featured on this release and for the most part it just goes full speed ahead. Really the fretwork here is fairly diverse and there are plenty of different techniques being used in the short runtime to keep the listener more than entertained. The bass can be made out a good portion of the time and we even get a brief bass solo during the title track.

The mixing on this release leaves a little bit to be desired. The drums overpower pretty much everything else and at times it can take its toll on the overall listening experience, nothing too serious though. The vocal styles used here range from deep gutturals to some rough sounding screams. The raspy vocals that were used frequently on the previous album also make a few appearances on this release along with some standard death metal growls. In the end Baxter shows a pretty solid range and holds down in the vocal department.

Overall if you are in search of straight up brutality Clitoraldectomy has more than enough to offer you. Regurgitation spent the time between the release of Tales Of Necrophilia and this tightening up their sound as much as possible and the end result is awesome. Fans of brutal death metal should check this one out as well as fans of the band's previous full-length. Fans of the previous full-length should be warned that the sound displayed here is alot cleaner than what was shown on Tales Of Necrophilia. A second full-length titled Cliterctomy is planned to be released in the future but whether it will released as a Regurgitation album or a Necrotic Disgorgement album is unsure.

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