Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview With Rico Unglaube (Goregast vocalist)

In this interview Rico Unglaube discusses a bit about the new album, his label FDA Rekotz, and their upcoming split with Fondlecorpse among other things. These guys have been playing death/grind for awhile now and are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. 

FF: If you can please explain to the readers a bit about the history of the band.

Rico Unglaube: Yes I can. Goregast has his origin in 1993, under the name of DISTRESS. 2 demos were released in the mid 90's, then in 1997 or 1998 we put the band on ice. In 2004, the band was heated again with some new musicians. Therefore, we change the name into GOREGAST. 2006 the first album, "Viva el Animal", 2007 "La Revancha" and now number 3 "Desechos Humanos". Our current line up: Torge Ließmann on drums, Rico Krause and Steve Kleinert on guitars, Ronny Thiel on bass and me, Rico Unglaube on vox.

FF: What made you want to start the project back up after seven years?

Unglaube: In 2004 the former guitarist, later bassist Jörn Böttcher called the band back to life and asked if I
want to sing again. I had nothing better to do, so I said yes.

FF: The new album is being put out from your record label F.D.A. Rekotz. Do you plan on putting out future Goregast releases on your label as well?

Unglaube: Principle yes, a label will always work with a good band will always hold the band. But if a bigger
label makes a better offer, if the band can achieve more, then I do not mind when there are elsewhere Goregast releases in future.But next year comes a split with the great dutch Death Metal clan FONDLECOPRSE out on FDA Rekotz.

FF: How has the response to the new album been so far?

Unglaube: The album will be released in 2 weeks so there's not so much response yet, so far some reviews and interviews are flown in, from different countries. Each one very good, full points or almost full points and a lot of warm words! An absolutely fantastic start.We are very pleased.

FF: Do you have a personal favorite track from the new album? Whether it be one you had lots
of fun making or one you just enjoy the most.

Unglaube: The favorite songs are changing again and again. But personally at most I like the rotten old school death metal songs as "Desechos Humanos" or "Honor The Dead". We have a good mix of fast and
slow songs, something for everyone. For example "Puerco de Dinero" is a fast, brutal Grindcore crusher, also one of my favorites. You see, somehow I like everything.

FF: Have you had a chance to play any of the new songs live yet?

Unglaube: We have played most of the songs live to see the reactions of audience. They were well. Since last week we have a new drummer, who will now be incorporated first. Up from late October/ early
November, we can play the entire album and previous albums on the stage again.

FF: Does the album have any reoccurring lyrical themes? And what does Desechos Humanos
translate to in English?

Unglaube: "Desechos Humanos" means "Human Waste". The whole album is about human disease. The songs are about many things that affect people. Sadists, murderers, boring workerholics, rapists, etc..
Every song is about a different theme, but overall, everything relates to the human disease.

FF: Having three albums finished now do you feel the writing process has gotten any easier?

Unglaube: The songwriting is even more easily from album to album. But we select much more. Songs that we do not want to take on the album, we throw away. Quality rather than quantity.

FF: During the track "The Boozer" there appears to be a little tribute to the band Cancer, or are
my ears just decieving me?

Unglaube: The text is about a drunkard, he's suffering from cancer. When I wrote the text, I also remember to Cancer's C.F.C. and thought that it could be viewed as a kind of Cancer tribute. I have nothing
against it, because I like the early Cancer very much.

FF: Are there any plans for a tour after the album drops?

Unglaube: Hopefully we play festival shows next year and a tour through Spain in spring and later also one
through Germany. We are more than open to play everywhere.

FF: Since the band reformed years back there has been very few lineup changes, is being in
Goregast a pretty laid back experience?

Unglaube: As we have found again in 2004, were Me and Joern, the only founding members. Rico K., Josch
and Steve played in a other band before. Joern left the band in 2005 and was replaced by Ronny. 2 months ago, Josch the drummer left the band after 7 years and was now replayced by Torge. But you're right, I could say we have a stable line up over the years.

FF: Thanks for the interview, is there anything you'd like to add?

Unglaube: Thanx for the interview, for your interest in GOREGAST, thanx for your support ! All the best for
you and your Zine !! Everybody who's interested in our new album, in the band or whatever can write to or visit us on Facebook or . Also check out our
record label:

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