Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beeravore- Alcoholics Unanimous

Beeravore is a death metal band from Georgia. They formed back in 2007 and have put out a couple of releases since. If you can't tell by the band name, album name, and song titles these dudes enjoy their alcohol. That being said they don't just sit around getting wasted all the time. They sit around, get wasted, and write killer death metal records. When all is said and done you get what you should expect, 30 minutes of alcohol loving death metal.

The guitar tone on this record is nice and thick. Each groove packs as much of a punch as the last and every single riff is played the perfect amount of time. Everything on the album is musically sound. They have found the perfect balance when it comes to taking time to emphasize the groove and technicality and somehow in between all of that they manage to make it all very catchy. The bass is also audible throughout on this release and it thickens up the sound a great deal.

Beeravore proves that they can handle the speedy approach at death metal but on tracks that take the more crushing route like "Antifreeze Snowcone" is when they really shine the most. Little moments like the calm break in the middle also really help the albums flow. That being said the band never steps too far out of their comfort zone and with the style being played here stepping too far from the comfort may throw everything off. The pace changes up enough to keep the listening experience fresh from start to finish so it doesn't really effect the quality of the album much in the end.

Overall Beeravore have created an extremely fun, heavy album with Alcoholics Unanimous. The subject matter of the album may be pretty lighthearted for the most part but anyone who denies Beeravore's ability to write a solid death metal song is senile. The music is always top notch and tightly played. I can honestly only see their sound improving in the future. Fans of death metal in general should check out this album. It is extremely consistent and fun enough to maintain its replay value after multiple listens. Get it.

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