Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marc Broude- Pathological Warfare

Psychological Warfare is a two track single from Marc Broude. On this release he takes a stab at industrial metal and I can't say I'm disappointed with the outcome. The single clocks in at just over eleven minutes and within this time plenty of depth is shown. The way Broude takes a few very simple elements and manages to make them so effective is pretty damn impressive.

The guitar tone is nice and thick, especially on "God Smacker" which almost comes off a bit sludgy at first. The riffs are extremely one dimensional but for the most part they work well and do an excellent job complementing the electronic tinges that are spread throughout. The crushing feel that "God Smacker" has gives it the edge over the other track that shares a spot on this release. The song is overwhelmingly catchy and can be listened to multiple times in one sitting without loosing any of its edge. The vocals are drenched in distortion and add to the overall aggressive vibe the tracks strive to achieve. This aspect of the release would probably work better if they didn't appear as often, with how often vocals are being thrown out at you it does, at times, seem to be a bit over the top.

Overall these two tracks are a nice taste of what Broude might have in store in the future. It definitely leaves me wanting to hear more of his dark take on the industrial metal sound. Fans of industrial should find something they enjoy here. Also anyone looking for metal that almost puts you in a trance should give this one a listen. This has me looking forward to seeing what Marc Broude will put out next and may just be enough to get me to explore a genre that I'd never really been too interested in (aside from the well known names) before.

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