Friday, June 3, 2011

Abysmalia- Replenish Entirety

Abysmalia is a three piece band from Finland. The band plays a unique style of proggy thrash influenced metal. The way they approach this style is sure to turn the heads of many metalheads. It would be very difficult to find too many other bands to compare to Abysmalia. While the music isn't so zany that it is hard to enjoy it is most certainly not the most conventional of it's kind either.

The vocals on the album are very well executed. There is a healthy blend of both clean and harsh vocals. The harsh vocals on the album sound very uncontrolled and edgy. The cleans featured are a highlight and without a doubt spice up the overall sound of the record quite a bit. The fretwork on Replenish Entirety is quite captivating. The playing consists of, not only solid riffs, but is also fairly intricate at times. The timing used during many sections of the album are odd and keep things fresh. While many bands that flirt with technicality sacrifice the ability to write a song in order to showboat their talents, that is not the case here. There is a decent amount of great guitar playing displayed here but it is all written in a manner that is very easy to digest and to put it simply fairly awe-inspiring.

The bass on this album doesn't fade into the background like in most cases. Much of the album actually relies on the bass to hold the groove and beef up the sound. Not only does the bassist get a little time in the spotlight, he can also be credited with doing a major part in holding this beast of an album together. When listening to Abysmalia's wonderful composition of sounds a few bands may come to mind. The first that may come up throughout is Augury, while the band isn't strikingly similar many moments do appear to be partly inspired by the prog gods.

When listening to Replenish Entirety it is easy to tell that Abysmalia isn't too worried about what listeners think of them. They never stay in anything that could be considered a "comfort zone" for very long. The band's fearless approach definitely makes this release a breath of fresh air. Just when you think you know where they are going next they throw a curveball and do something that nobody could have predicted. Going about music this way takes plenty of guts and when listening to this it is clear that Abysmalia have no lack in that department. The softer side that Abysmalia shows on and off throughout the album is stunning. While it is extremely relaxing and emotional it manages to hold an intense grip on your attention. It is hard to believe that such chaotic moments can be displayed so cohesively when juxtaposed with the beautiful sound that makes up their other half.

Overall Abysmalia have made an eerily engrossing album. It is hard to pinpoint an exact section of metal fans that will enjoy this release. Many different subgenres are poured into this melting pot of metal. Whether the band is moving at the speed of light or at a crawling pace they always play to the fullest and aim to entertain. Fans of anything progressive should get some kind of enjoyment out of this. Due to the unique sound the band puts on display, Replenish Entirety has amazing replay value. Check this one out!

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