Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disfigured- Amputated Gorewhore

Disfigured is a four piece death metal band from Texas. Amputated Gorewhore marks their second full-length since their formation back in 2003. Since their last album in 2008 it is obvious that they have upped the ante. Amputated Gorewhore is a vicious onslaught of gore soaked death metal that will please all gorehounds and metalheads alike. At just over thirty minutes heads will be crushed and lives will be lost.

The guitar playing here has a healthy amount of variation. Disfigured aren't strangers of a little thing called tremolo picking. The fretwork is handled with deadly precision from start to finish and it is clear that the man working the axe, Mike DeLeon has chops. Many of the riffs featured on the album are more infectious than a veteran hooker (that's pretty damn infectious!). When listening it is clear that Disfigured know how to write a solid song which is one task that many brutal bands fail to achieve. The vocals are fairly standard for the style. Very guttural and brutal to say the least, they fit what the band is churning out perfectly and are delivered with a respectable amount of power.

One thing that makes this album standout when compared to a slew of other death metal albums is the fact that the bass is very high in the mix. On top of that Adam DeLeon not only get's to be heard playing, a good portion of the time the basslines standout just as much as the guitars. Normally when a rare occurrence like this happens in metal the bassist is just following along with the riff but on Amputated Gorewhore a big chunk of the time he gets to stray away from the pack and do some pretty cool stuff. It would be ridiculous to say that you could take the bass out of this album and it would be just as good, because to put it simply, it plays a gigantic part in this album.

While at first glance the album very much consists of brutal death metal, Disfigured inject a decent amount of old school flavor into the overall sound. It would be an understatement to say Amputated Gorewhore packs a punch, because that is just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of the tracks featured on the album fall in between two or three minutes, and, like many other gore drenched albums like this a few of the tracks feature samples. Even with the short track lengths Disfigured lunge straight for the listeners throat and don't let go until they are drained of life.

Overall Disfigured show no signs of slowing. Amputated Gorewhore delivers exactly what one who is familiar with the band should expect, a nice and heavy slab of death metal. It is well written with near perfect execution. Fans of the style couldn't ask for much more. Keep an eye out for future pieces of brutality from Disfigured and until then pick this up. It will tide you over until the next tidal wave of blood clashes with your face.

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