Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Chalice- Prayers For Our Lord And Savior

Black Chalice is a death metal band from Maine. Right from the beginning Black Chalice shows what their music is all about. This is straightforward raw death metal that only fans of filth will be able to digest. There is little room for breathing and the heavily distorted guitar rarely eases up on it's full on aural assault. The entire twenty minute runtime of Prayers For Our Lord And Savior is extremely dense, there is not one glimmer of hope within the time between the first note and the last.

There are a decent amount of memorable riffs to be heard on the three tracks featured here. The tempo is also switched up enough to keep things fresh. The first track mostly sticks to some rapid fire riffing and just jumps straight for the listener's throat. On "Infallibility Of Semen" things are slowed down for the most part. Some slow sludgy riffs are played throughout the track and when laced with everything else that is going on it makes for quite the eerie atmosphere. The main thing that contributes to the creepy vibe given off by the song is the melody that creeps in and out. Though track two does switch up the formula a bit the majority of this 20 minute release consists of high speed, chunky riffs.

The vocals on this release get overpowered by the guitar. Putrid growls can be can be heard in the background throughout the album and even though the album may not be vocal driven the way they are delivered works out well. The drumming on the album is done by a machine, and while in most cases this bugs me the guitar overpowers the drums so much that it is hardly noticeable after awhile.

Overall Prayers For Our Lord And Savior is only going to appeal to a small group of people. Though a large amount of people will be turned off by how stripped down and bare bones Black Chalice's sound is, those who can digest it will definitely appreciate it. So, if you can enjoy some simple, but effective death metal definitely give this one a shot.

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