Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ruins- Chambers Of Perversion

Ruins is a blackened thrash metal band from Germany. Bringing an arsenal of christ raping metal blasphemy to the table Ruins is guaranteed to destroy most of the competition. The band has been churning out material at rapid speeds since their formation in 2006. They have released two demos, three splits, this EP, and a full-length in their short time together. With the heavy amount of output one would assume the material must be lacking, but that would be false. With a cover like this one it is certain that anyone even thinking of getting this is fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. Chambers Of Perversion makes the inside of the listeners ear look like the crime scene of a savage murder. This is one of those albums that makes you feel the need to take a shower after initial listen.

The main thing that makes this release is the raw aggression that is displayed. Ruins has the attitude of early Toxic Holocaust, which is always a plus. The raw punkish attitude definitely adds to the all out assault the band delivers in terms of the instrumental elements. On top of all this they know how to keep it short and sweet. There is absolutely no fat to be found in the content of Chambers Of Perversion. Some of the tracks, including "Chambers of Perversion" and "Primitive Evil" don't even break the two minute mark, but never fear! Ruins knows how to pack an absurd amount of greatness into extremely small tracks.

The guitar tone used on the album is drenched in distortion. Nothing too technical to be heard, just a wide variety of vicious riffs that are delivered at a blazing pace. The vocal performance featured on the album is putrid. The almost constant attack of throat shredding vocals are sure to turn away some listeners. That being said the vocal style works extremely well for the sinister speed that Ruins is belting out. The record also contains a fierce onslaught of drumming. The drummer pounds away at his kit for the full runtime and not a hint of fatigue is shown.

Overall this album should be marked down on the to get list for any fans of black metal and filthy thrash. While Ruins may not be the most original band on the scene today, they do what they do and they hold their own when it comes to other bands playing a similar style. Chambers Of Perversion has a great deal of replay value and with it's short runtime can be played multiple times back-to-back without getting old. Don't expect anything clean from the sick bastards in Ruins, they make sick music for vile individuals, if you fit the bill, you'll be pleased with the product, if not, don't bother.

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