Monday, June 6, 2011

Stoic Dissention Interview

Big thanks to Zachary from Stoic Dissention for taking the time out to do this interview!

Foul Feast: How did Stoic Dissention come about?

Zachary: Stoic Dissention started with the end of Dave and my other band Acheronian Dirge coming to an end.  Both of us felt our musical journey shouldn't end there so we started looking for other musicians with similar tastes and ideas.  Luck greeted us with meeting Isaac and Kelly at a show their other bands Centimani and Kasigation were playing as they both were interested in the twisted aspirations that would become Stoic Dissention. Also forunately Isaac's roommate was Peter who joined as our drummer and thus we had a full line-up.

FF: When did the writing process for Senium start?

Zachary: Senium was started in September of 2010 and finished by November 2010.  It was a very fluid process with the writing of the demo hince the short time it took for the actual writing process.

FF: The demo has a playtime that is more suited for a full-length release. Has going the extra mile on this release paid off?

Zachary: I believe it has.  We've had very good feedback so far which makes us proud and glad. Of course the length itself was the product of the natural flow of the songs to help convey what we wished conveyed.  I think if we made the songs any shorter or longer something could have sounded off.  Less organic and not nearly as manical. 

FF: How have gigs been thus far? Are there any that you played that stand out in particular?

Zachary: We haven't played to much as of yet.  That will be changing in the very near future as we have shows booked almost to the end of the year already.  Out of the shows we have played I think when we played with Stonehaven stood out the most.  All the bands played well that night and it was the highlight to hear such amazing feedback from many of the people in attendence. 

FF: Where does the group draw inspiration from when it comes to lyrical themes?

Zachary: My source of inspiration for the lyrics are drawn from many sources from the esoteric to the macabre to books I have read.  The Senium demo has some unusal themes to it lyrically such as Apotheosis and Astral Projection, but also in the cases of "The Thought of Them" it deals with a more fantasy theme.  Its more or less about being drugged and tortured but being aware whats going on but not being able to do anything about it.  I try to find unique and different things to write about if I can.  I think theres already enough bands out there singing about Satan, anti-christianity, gore and politics that I figure I don't need to being apart of it. 

FF: What are some of your biggest influences musically? 

Zachary: There is a lot so I'll only go into it a little so here goes: Deathspell Omega, Esoteric, Ahab, Cathedral, Emperor, My Dying Bride, Shininh, Bethlehem, Summoning, Burzum, Mono, Sunn O))).  The list goes on and on. 

FF: What does the title "Senium" refer to?

Zachary: The technical term is "The final period in the normal life span."  To me it deals with death and the mentality of the unknown that is soon to come.  The anxiety, despair, and curiosity that I believe would be there in the final throes of life.  The moments before there is the acceptance and closure to what we are losing in death.

FF: Are there many other metal bands in your area?

Zachary: There is a relatively good scene here.  Bands like The Flight of Sleipnir, Velnias, Zombie Hate Brigade, Weaponizer and Vision of Mara to name a few.  Check them out if you can.

FF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Zachary: I'd like to thank you and everyone out there supporting us and the underground scene in general. Also people can contact me at for copies of the demo and other merch.

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