Saturday, May 28, 2011

Entrenched Interview

Today we have an interview with Charles Snyder of Entrenched. This New Jersey duo plays war themed death metal that destroys anything and everything in it's path. 

Foul Feast: Tell us a little about how Entrenched came to be.

Charles: Well me and Sean have been friends for about 7 or 8 years, we had been in a few bands on and off before but nothing ever too serious, but in the fall of 2009 he came to me with the idea to make an old school death metal band.  After a few weeks of talking about it we started to jam on some ideas and Entrenched was born.

FF: Is war a fascination of yours or is that just something you choose to use as a lyrical theme?

Charles: I'm probably fascinated more with it than I'd like to admit, if I was indifferent to it I wouldn't be able to really get behind it as the creative theme for the band.  Having some interest in it I think helps us to write more interesting lyrics.

FF: You are currently unsigned, have you been in contact with any labels since Preemptive Strike was made?

Charles: Nope we haven't talked to any thus far.  We're still waiting on that, hopefully some will like the album and give us a shout.

FF: You also have Michael Mullins on the album playing a few solos. How did he get involved with the project?

Charles: When we started laying down guitar solos we decided we wanted someone to play some more, I'm not sure how to say it, shred-esque solos on the album.  Mike is actually one of my friends who I've known for many years and I knew what he was capable of on guitar.  So we gave him a call to see if he'd be willing to lay down some tracks, he agreed, came in and proceeded to record some sick solos.

FF: Entrenced has been compared to greats like Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets, are you happy with how the response with the album has been so far?

Charles: Yeah that's an honor for us, to even be mentioned with such names is unbelievable.  I have to be honest its slightly surreal.  The album has been getting a lot of love which makes us happy you know.  That's really what it's all about, getting our music heard and enjoyed by others, its pretty awesome.

FF: Have you had the chance to play any shows yet?

Charles: Not yet because we're still only a two piece, we don't really wanna sell our live show short by playing without a bassist and only one guitar.  We've been on the lookout for members but have come up empty up to this point.  Down the road we may just get some session musicians if we really can't find anyone willing to play in a serious band.  We'll see what happens but we'd love to get out there soon.

FF: Were there any tracks that were recorded that didn't make the cut for the album?

Charles: No we decided to use all our material available.  The recording took quite some time, I think we spent so much time on it we felt we had to use everything.

FF: Have you planned anything for future releases or written any new material yet?

Charles: Yeah we started writing for an EP we plan to release in a few months time, a few songs in the works, nothing concrete yet.  Nothing usually gets finalized until its recorded so parts are always changing.  Should be good though, at least we hope so.

FF: How long did the writing process for Preemptive Strike last?

Charles: The writing process really only took a few months, maybe from September to November in 2009.  After that we had all the songs done, at least the basic skelaton of the songs.  Once we started recording, we'd find places we wanted leads or solos.  Actually the vocals weren't even discussed until everything else was done, we kind of filled in the vocals wherever we thought they'd sound good.

FF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Charles: Thanks for the interview man we appreciate it.  Be on the lookout for some new merch, we're hoping to get some shirts and stickers to unleash upon the masses, stay informed and check us out at and

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