Saturday, April 30, 2011

Testimony Interview!

We're very happy to present our interview with the drummer of Testimony. Testimony play a style of thrash that when played at the right volume, will level your neighborhood!

Foul Feast: When was the band formed?

Taylor Lambacher: The band was formed in early 2009 under the name of Quietus by Martin and Taylor. We then found Mike through a friend of Martin's after about 6 months and got Taylor's brother Derek on bass shortly afterward. We were a 4 piece for a little over a year and changed our name to Testimony due to legality issues, a little before Adrian joined the band recently.

FF: How do you feel it has evolved since then?

Taylor Lambacher: We started as a thrash metal band, we always wanted to be original but the progressive elements were much more toned down than they are now. Now we like to experiment with odd times, different keys, uncommon song structures, etc.

FF:You just recently brought a new member into the fold. Tell us a little about who he is and what he is bringing to the table thus far.

Taylor Lambacher: His name is Adrian Harris. He was a mutual friend of Mikes' (guitarist). He had been a fan of the band for awhile. We decided to bring him in to relieve Martin from his vocal duties so he could focus on playing guitar, leading us to writing more technical work. His voice has a different sound which adds another component to our music. It's very melodic, dark, and aggressive, to say the least. You will just have to wait to hear the new sound!

FF: How often do you guys get gigs?

Taylor Lambacher: Typically a few a month. We try to gig as much as possible, but we have to schedule them around our work schedules, school, etc. When we are off school in the Summer we plan on gigging as much as possible (which will happen!). We have quite a few shows lined up for the Summer, so we'll be really busy with shows and also recording. We might even hit the East coast for a couple dates if all things run smooth... heh!

FF: Have you played with any bands yet that you grew up listening to or look up to in a big way?

Taylor Lambacher: Unfortunately not :( We opened up for D.R.I. back in January in Chicago, which was a bad ass show! We have also played with some smaller label acts such as Vektor and Vindicator, but nothing too major thus far.

FF: While your music is still aggressive and fast you guys do have some progressive elements and switch it up a little bit. Is this something that comes naturally?

Taylor Lambacher: In a way it is kind of natural, but the focus has never been on trying to be a progressive metal band. It just comes out that way sometimes.

FF: Do you have any plans for future releases?

Taylor Lambacher: In the summer we plan to release a 5 song E.P. with artwork and the whole shebang.

FF: How's the metal scene over there in Indiana?

Taylor Lambacher: Its promising, there are a couple of good bands in the area such as Vultress, Altar Whore, and Angel Grave. Go check them out if you get the chance!

FF: How do you go about writing a Testimony song? Do you start out with riffs or do you get lyrics first then go from there?

Taylor Lambacher: We usually start with riffs but some songs have been written around pre-existing lyrics, so we do a little of both. Our goal is to write a different-type of song each time, so that way none of our songs sound exactly alike.

FF: Any final thoughts?

Taylor Lambacher: It was a pleasure to do this interview, we thank you very very much! Spread the word, and look out for the new E.P. in the Summer! You can check out all of our updates/shows on all of our websites, so maybe one day we will be hitting your town! ...Hopefully sooner than later. Cheers!

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