Thursday, April 7, 2011

Damnus Animus- Sanity: The Lies Of The Father

Damnum Animus is a one piece black metal band from North Carolina. The band has various other elements entangled in the emotive web of music that is featured on this EP. Chad Nottingham handles everything you hear on the release and does a superb job handling the one man band situation. If you are in search have a happy, upbeat funfest than the next sixteen or so minutes may not be for you.

It isn't very often you hear something quite like this EP. Nottingham cohesively creates an odd soundscape by blending classical and ambient elements into his music. We have all heard symphonic metal, and most know whether it is your cup of tea or not but all in all Damnum Animus is putting out something that is far too different to be compared to that. Managing to encompass despair, beauty and a slew of other emotions in one moment is not an easy task but Nottingham somehow manages to make this the overall theme of the album.

Sanity: The Lies Of the Father is without a doubt melody driven. The slow, brooding melodies lurk over the listener like a black cloud. One of the main problems some people have with this style of music is the fact that it often comes across cheesy. While to the person making the music it may be the most serious thing ever created, unfortunately not everyone hears things exactly the same as the next. Luckily for Nottingham there isn't a moment where the music comes across over the top or too self indulgent.

The vocal approach consists of a strained and tortured scream. A tad more variation wouldn't hurt but in all honesty the melodies take a big portion of the listeners focus away from the vocals in the first place. Truth is, this EP would be just as good if it was an instrumental release. The most amazing thing about the EP is how this music manages to have such an impact even with the programmed drums. Sure, it still takes a little away from the overall sound but it isn't nearly as detrimental as one would assume.

Overall Damnum Animus takes a style of music that normally doesn't do much for me and made it their own. At just sixteen minutes this release crams in a surprising amount of great music whenever the project gets around to releasing a full-length I can only imagine how excellent it will be. This is definitely worth checking out if you are into black metal or just depressing music in general. It might even appeal to people who aren't into metal and in many ways it reminds me of soundtracks of incredible films like Schramm and Nekromantik. Give this one a shot.

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Damnus Animus- Sanity: The Lies of the Father

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